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  1. DayZ Xbox Closed Alpha. Inventory bugs

    in future, try and use your xbox dvr to record the bug happening then use http://xboxdvr.com once its uploaded to xbox live to get the link the simply copy and paste it into your forum post. visually seeing the bug happen as opposed to read what happened will make it easier for the dev team to replicate it and therefore solve the issue faster.
  2. DayZ Background on Mixer Channel?

    why just mixer?
  3. Xbox/PC account cross-over.

    i have over 2k hours on pc and literally have zero intentions of getting DayZ for free on console. Just like any other game thats released on different platforms. You cant buy call of duty for one platform and get it free on ALL other platforms. If DayZ was cross-platform then there might be some valid reason or as stated, aplay anywhere title. but other than those reasons, just buy the game again. It wont be expensive.
  4. The Main Problem with Consoles

    it will be a KOS fest at first and public servers will remain a KOS fest as it is on PC right now. But eventually, some real dayz fans will start to look at the game differently as i did on pc. after you got over the fear of loosing your gear, after you got all the killing out of the system but still love playing dayz, then there really is only one way to play and thats looking for interaction. After killing, after surviving, thats all thats left. Took me a good 300 hours on pc to get over the fear of loosing my gear. so i dont expect console players to be like myself right off the bat.
  5. Introductions, I guess.

    Well its currently playable for a select few xbox insiders and closed preview is following shortly after.
  6. Closed Preview

    DayZ is now playable for select xbox insiders, this is fine and i understand the need to have a select few playing. Im interested in the closed preview of DayZ. I recently took part in the vigor closed preview from day 1. Im also a content creator. stream on twitch and bohemia has helped my channel grow alot in the last few weeks with giving me access to vigor and im sure ive oped up the game to a large number of people also. So my question is, how can i submit myself for a key to the closed preview of DayZ?