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  1. Seky1002

    Stable Update 0.63.149386

    Good update, but why items have got wrong names (LADA - ADA, AK-M - KA-M)? And Surrender with F5 does not work.
  2. Seky1002

    Server with more content

    Hi, Can someone please make or post server with more content? (with more content I think: on server are added items with mod, these items are not available in vanilla DayZ now) Please do not post one [GER] server, I played on this server, but players do not speak english. Thank you!
  3. Seky1002


    Hi, I found one very good deathmatch server, but this server have one small problem. The problem is: 10/100 players per day, that is not much. If you want to play deathmatch in DayZ without dragging guns and ammo to hotbar this server is for you. Server name is: #3 | [WoD] | NWAF | PvP THIS IS NOT MY SERVER.
  4. Seky1002


    Nice, because with your mods, own server (with your mods) and Discord can grow czech and slovak DayZ community. I am from Slovakia and I can not find active players (czech and slovak in .63).
  5. Seky1002


    WOW, good job, looking good. Have you got Discord server?
  6. Seky1002

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Live Zone

    Good job, You will have your community server with modified AIs (mutants or other)? If yes that will be cool and with radiation zones. BIG UP for you.
  7. Seky1002

    Status Report - 28 August 2018

    We are talking about days, weeks or months? But good job from all team.
  8. Seky1002


    WOW, good job. Are you working on other mods?
  9. You are modder from Arma 3? If yes I really like your mods. Can you please post your progress to my topic for modders: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/238837-modders/
  10. Can you please post your progress on this forum? To my topic for modders: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/238837-modders/ Thank you.
  11. Seky1002

    0.63 Stable (BETA)

    Yes, this is game for me, but in this phase is not in game survival content/futures. I am playing Stress Test and Experimental, but in Stress Test is only lost time trying to survive like survivalist (server crash/issues) and on Experimental I can not find players (I am playing alone) and you can not trading, because all players want to kill you when you have gear. I need community servers (PVE with PVP on military, airfield) and I will play as survivalist, trader, farmer or other. Now I am not playing this game as survival, that is true, but with more content/futures (after BETA release), I will play this game as hardcore survival zombie apocalypse simulator.
  12. Seky1002


    Are active modders on this forum? If yes, can you please post your videos, screenshots, sites or other with your work? I want to see your modding progress.
  13. Seky1002

    0.63 Stable (BETA)

    I know Devs are trying to do the best and I accept it, but some players can not accept this. And that is bad for game, because losing more and more players. I will wait for BETA release, it will be this or next year.
  14. Seky1002

    0.63 Stable (BETA)

    I know, more important is quality of the game, but now is in game not much to do (with this content: 8 guns, some attachments, animals, mushrooms, pears) and now we are waiting 5ft year for BETA and you are trying to write me: We will be wait another 1 or 2? That will be really bad joke.
  15. Seky1002

    0.63 Stable (BETA)

    Yes, but they promised too things from .62 in BETA, that was meant as Things and futures will be added every week/month after BETA release or?