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  1. digitalv0id


    As cool as that seems, it would still never work. Most people don't want to interact without fighting let alone "roleplay"
  2. digitalv0id

    Future DayZ

    Open doors? Unless you watch super zombie movies, this is not a thing.....
  3. Great job! I think this nailed all of our concerns on the head. Very well thought out and typed. I think this should be a sticky. I hope the devs take the time to read this and get some good ideas going forward.
  4. digitalv0id

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    I'm kind of jumping in this half way and only read a handful of posts but maybe people just need to consider changing the way you play. If all you are doing is loot cycling an area, I'm not so sure you are going to have the best experience. Also, keep in mind that not a lot of people are playing Official servers, so that means mods. Mods with increased loot, decreased re-spawn rates, etc, etc. I don't personally loot cycle. I loot a town, find what I find and move on. Onto the next town and hopefully it has the loot I want. My only real complaint about the game is that it has turned into a loot based game. This meant to be a survival game. Stop loot cycling. Get out and play the game; have interactions with people, tie someone up, make them your slave, run to the airfield or another military base to get the gear you need to survive.
  5. digitalv0id

    How to change ADS bindings?

    I just watched a video on that the other day. The video was done by one of the content creators that I found by reading the Community Spotlight from a couple weeks ago I believe. Might be able to find it on youtube. Unless you are thinking of something that makes your gun "Ready" That is part of the game design
  6. digitalv0id

    Lost connection to host

    Turns out it was bad firmware on my router
  7. digitalv0id

    Lost connection to host

    Really hoping a dev or someone from BI can step in here and say something. Nothing but the same today. Join a server and then get dropped after 5 minutes.
  8. digitalv0id

    Lost connection to host

    Those are the error messages I am getting. But why would it be happening on every server I join? And more importantly why would it continue to happen when I rejoin the server?
  9. digitalv0id

    Lost connection to host

    I am at my wits end here. I have no clue why this is happening or what is causing it. I have this problem when I connect to a modded server or an official server. I play for 5 minutes or less and then get kicked to the main screen with the message "connection to host has been lost" or whatever it says. i5-6500 Asus Z170-E 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3000Mhz Samsung 950 Pro m.2 - Windows and other small programs Samsung Evo 860 1TB - games and storage EVGA GTX 980ti FTW PC Power and Cooling Silence MKII 750W Netgear AC1200 Router Windows is up to date and I have current drivers. I find it pretty pathetic that a full release game runs this poorly. When I first started playing, last summer, the experimental and stress test branches ran better than this. Are there ports or something that need to be opened on my router? I have disabled all firewalls and anti-virus protection on my system. Using a launcher does not help or make it any worse for that matter. I really am looking for a solution here. Thanks for your time and help
  10. digitalv0id

    Stress Test vol.32

    This is one Stress Test I really want to participate in. How long are the Stress Test Servers going to up today/over the next couple of days?