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    Deletes from Steam

    SORTED!! I reported the issue to BE and they produced a patch within a short space of time that sorted the issue. Although there seems a plethora of 'bad mouthing' BE, I found them really helpful. 10/10 to them.
  2. gertsybarker

    Deletes from Steam

    I did all these and more after the 1st crash and have checked it all again, updated all drivers. reset the clock synchronization as it was out, new bios battery .....just in case. Last crash it also deleted (greyed out) Kerball Space Program. Dayz uninstalled (again) D/L cache cleared again. Download yet again ...takes a few hours as have slow connection (1.1MB/s). Open Steam start the game instant BSOD and restart same error message ...SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED BEDAISY. SYS and low and behold it's disappeared from my games library but not my Steam Apps folder, my language was a little choice at best As a somewhat moot point it does not prevent me playing on Epoch, absolutely no issues at all, will try some of the other games on the morrow. I did note that Solopopo had exactly the same issue as me at around the same time and a patch rectified his issues but myself and others are still suffering. I'll get a post up if I find the problem source.
  3. gertsybarker

    Deletes from Steam

    Can't do that it's greyed out and says INSTALL, ie Steam just does not see it at all. It is still in the Steam folder under Steam apps but doesn't run from there either....believe me I've tried....it just goes straight to BSOD and restarts pdq. Have managed to finally catch the error message though: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED BEdaisy.sys and checked many of the issues so far zero result. but none work. Only went T*ts up after updates...no updates to anything no problem, any update T*ts up on next start.
  4. gertsybarker

    Deletes from Steam

    Had this issue for a while: Start DayZ SA sometimes no probs, then hit play in Steam it crashes and auto restart. Start Steam again which says Dayz needs to be reinstalled. Look in Steam apps game exists so delete folder and reinstall, game works ok for between 1 and 10 days then bang crashes and deletes itself from Steam again but still exists in Steam apps. Downloaded again and it just crashes and deletes itself. Several players having the same or similar issue but no one has a fix. Any help would be gratefully accepted as after sticking with the game for more years than I care to count I am reluctant to have wasted my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!