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  1. LuxCapere

    Current Experimental Patch 0.63

    What progression?
  2. LuxCapere

    Current Experimental Patch 0.63

    This post was about the devs not doing anything. The other was about what they SHOULD do. I made that clear. Thanks though. Retexturing assets doesn't take five years. Scripting in the Arma engine doesn't take five years. Even 3D modelling doesn't take that long. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying they should hurry up, I am saying they should do something.
  3. I think it is time for the world of Dayz to get a very basic facelift. 1. Out with the old, in with the new... : The world of Dayz has always been one of cold war era cataclysm and decay. Decay is cool and all, but let's be real, the environment of Dayz has decayed to the point of turning white *insert poo emoji here*. Dayz could be brought to life (yes I get the irony) if its environment were to be shifted from one of years of decay, LONG POST INFECTION, to one of mere DAYS or WEEKS after, or even a combination of the two. I think Dayz could get a major environmental boost from transitioning to showing players the world of DAYZ in the midst of ground zero. Buildings and streets could look fresh (still strewn with chaos in the midst of the very recent collapse of society), vehicles shouldn't be rusted very much, supermarkets and stores can still be found stocked (somewhat significantly) with various food items and the like. SURVIVAL IS HARD. But for the longest time, the world of DAYZ has felt beyond picked clean. And it is boring. It is time to freshen up zombie Armageddon. 2. Longer-term environmental goals: One thing I would love to see some day, either done by the devs or modders, is a complete "fast-forwarding" and setting transplant, of Dayz, from the Cold War era to more modern times. Vehicles which look more modern, like how Arma 3 set its timeline in 2035 (Dayz could shoot for 2020, for example), along with fresher looking weapons, attachments, items, clothing, and buildings....would simply...be BEYOND incredible. I think it would be cool if the dev team could really consider what it might actually mean to "breathe new life (or death)" into the world of Dayz Standalone.
  4. LuxCapere

    Current Experimental Patch 0.63

    Hi all, This thread is going to be about some of my thoughts and opinions regarding the current state of Dayz. I am going to try and keep things short and to the point. 1. If you have it, and it is buggy but stable, push it out anyways (referring to the content that has been removed from 0.63). There is far too little to do in game. Sorry, but 0.62 isn't enough and current 0.63 is just about spawning and killing, and repeating the cycle. It seems like Dayz has been reverted back to its earliest patches where content was scarce. Sometime I wonder if you guys are just stalling to make time to bring Dayz 2 to the market so you can get players to pony up more money. Just a feeling, not an accusation... 2. WHERE DID THE HANDS UP AND HANDCUFF/TIE UP hostage taking stuff go? This was essential to basic roleplaying and player interaction in the game. This needs to be a priority #1 along with getting back basic player bases (tents and barrels). 3. Since you guys seem to be stuck in a developmental rut, perhaps it is time to get serious about building a modding community for DAYZ. More content can never hurt... These have been my gripes and moans. Been playing since 2014/15. I am disappointed like everyone else. But I am also optimistic about what DAYZ can be in the meantime (the time between you guys spinning your wheels and pushing out a half-*ssed DAYZ 2) Cheers m8. <3 :p Anyone else, feel free to add more stuff we used to have in previous patches that has been removed that you would like to see back ASAP. Maybe if someone pushes hard enough, DAYZ will lurch out of its cavernous sinkhole. Just a hope. Just a dream. Definitely a meme...