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  1. The state of current gameplay

    I get that, but this guy comes out of the woodwork acting like a absolute donkey... if you read the post.. its personal attacks.. and that's enough for me. I guess that's ok here as long as no curse words are used huh? whatever, he can disagree about it.. but he chose to act like a donkey, so a donkey he is.
  2. I started back up playing DayZ the last few days... My personal views. Honestly, you should switch the name to hunger simulator, because that's all I do is look for my next meal... The players get hungry way too fast, I could see if there is plenty of food but I search TOWNS not finding anything. So sick of running door to door not finding nothing, and when I do.. it makes a small impact to my hunger level because when I finally do find something, im on death's doorstep. This game could be truly fun, with a simple adjustment.. Please extending the hunger duration a bit, you start the game hungry, and it never seems to end. There should be stages, perhaps random dizzy spells etc.. anything but dropping dead.. so unrealistic. Aside from that, im enjoying the game again.. just wish I had more time to focus on tactics, crafting and meeting up with friends. The idea of a friend is like bringing on another mouth to feed, and it seems out of the question at this point in time hehe. This will probably fall on def ears like usual, so I just wanted to voice my opinion. Thanks.