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    Announcing 2nd Company got its first Captain! 1st company's 1st rifle squad now has a Leader too! slowly we are growing Comrades! many vacancies are open; first 6 with competent leadership skills will be promoted to a high rank of their choosing! SO JOIN NOW WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!!!!

    Yup. And it already has history and lore to it since it'll be my "rendition" of sorts of the same faction from ArmA 2! https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Chernarussian_Movement_of_the_Red_Star
  3. WELCOME TO THE DAYZ COMMUNIST FACTION; CHERNARUS MOVEMENT OF THE RED STAR! We are a Tactical Softcore Milsim Unit, within DayZ: Standalone, that hopes to bring Military Realism & Roleplaying to this Zombie Survival game. We are one of many Factions within the "New Dawn" Roleplaying & PvP Community that play and battle on the New Dawn RP Server and hope to bring a similar buzz of Military Realism that you can get on Tactical Shooters like ArmA 3 and Escape from Tarkov in a DayZ Community. so pull up a chair for Socialism in this DayZ RP Faction; join a Combat Unit or just Support us Bringing Communism to the South Zagorian Region all the while purging the Z-Virus and those that do not stand for our Cause from the Motherland!!! URRAAAA~!!! Rules & Requirements of the Red Star Army: 1. Must be at least 16yrs old to enlist. Exceptions can be made. 2. Must understand this is a Military Realism Faction and that Maturity and Respect for the chain command must be maintained while on duty and off-duty with your fellow Comrades. 3. Must understand that we are a roleplaying group, while also a Military gaming Faction, that plays the part of Communist Soldiers in-game. We do not promote true communism IRL. 4. When conducting ChDKZ Operations, Training or Mini-Ops or utilising the ChDKZ's Arsenal at any time at no time should members be shooting friendly forces, shooting unnecessarily, blowing sh*t up, crashing vehicles/air intentionally or generally being disruptive. This includes pre and post ops and all use of the ChDKZ equipment at any time. 5. During ChDKZ Operations, Training, Mini-Ops or general RP scenarios immersion is very important to a lot of members and therefore for the respect of other members we ask that you maintain this immersion. ( Definition of Immersion: 2. deep mental involvement in something. ) 6. Any member that fails to operate to these few basic rules or are not able to achieve the level of required maturity may receive a warning, Formally Court-martialed & Executed (Perma-death) by the Political Officers or be asked to leave the Faction, not necessarily in that order and potentially without prior warning. Thank you for taking your time in considering our group. We hope to see you on the Frontlines, fighting bravely, Tovarisch Soldaty! If interested, please join our Forum page or Discord: http://newdawndayz.com/showthread.php?tid=623&pid=2360#pid2360 https://discord.gg/NuSBnzC