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  1. The experimental was the where i started to play standalone again. I learned the map and how to survive from dehydration very quickly. It is not that hard. I recommend the .63 though it has few amount of weapons.
  2. That should be fixed in the new upcoming big update.
  3. Need people to play with, Im new.

    Hey! I didn't find your steam profile so can you search me? I have white/blue thing in my profile picture.
  4. Need people to play with, Im new.

    Welcome to DayZ! In my opinion i recommend experimental with the new game engine with much better perfomance and gameplay. I can add you and help you.
  5. Community Server Running 63.147489

    I think devs are just testing community servers. Maybe.
  6. Exp Update 0.63.147407

    So far so good. No crashes or database locks.