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  1. aut korea

    Stress Test vol.42

    Fix? Lol!
  2. aut korea

    0.63 Stable (BETA)

    Bye bye DayZ! Was fun to play,....
  3. aut korea

    0.63 Stable (BETA)

    I dont think so. Maybe middle of 2019 but who can say that. This already take so long .... sadly.
  4. aut korea

    I know, but be patient.

    2025 is a good year to release but it can get really close at this dev. speed.
  5. aut korea

    I know, but be patient.

    Time is running, at some point playerbase wont return any more. So i think they should hurry up or just give the ppl. something to play with. 1-3 updates a year are far to less....
  6. Its getting boring. Dayz slowly dies for me. All i read its like: Not finished, willcome soon, has to be polished. Slowly i think its never done they are much to slow.
  7. aut korea

    Status Report 3 July 2018

    ,.... like other promises....
  8. aut korea

    Where is the DayZ population?

    I dont think that most will return. Many of my friends will never touch it again due the long period nothing happend for the normal player. I always like to excuse the gamedev. but they dont trust dayz anymore. sadly
  9. aut korea

    Exp Update 0.63.147368

    Got a intense firefight with 2 other people and the servers went down? Can't find exp. servers anymore ;( perfect timing,...