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  1. As I said it just seems like people are way too invested in the success and failure of things, especially games. People have to feel validated for their opinions and tastes. and it gets really tiring. Heaven forbid if you dare enjoy things that they don't. You can't even look at the Reddit or Steam Forum anymore for anything remotely looking like constructive discussion. I understand being miffed about how long things are taking and some recent developments but for some their dislike for the game borders on obsession.
  2. I couldn't give a toss if DayZ ends up being a runaway success or not after release or the opinion or random people on the internet who sometimes are way too invested in confirming their own opinions no matter what, or even people who don't even play the game getting in on the DayZ is dead meme. As long as this game gets finished to an acceptable state and there is at least one or two mostly-full servers in my region that is all that will matters to me and at the end of the day that's all that should matter. Gamers these days are way too obsessed about player counts and whether or not the things they like or dislike fail or succeed based on numbers on charts. To be frank I don't want DayZ to ever be the next 'big thing', I just want a finished and stable base game with room for more future content and modding, which still looks like it's happening.
  3. ServiusAU

    Stress Test vol.35

    Had two good full lifes so far, even playing from Australia with 200 - 250 ping I've had a great time and things didn't seem overly laggy. Great progress so far guys.
  4. ServiusAU

    Stress Test vol.35

    Is there any plans to increase the zombie count or at the very least increase the awareness of the zombies in the game? Right now the zeds seem hardly dangerous at all and they only react to gunshots from what seems like oddly close ranges. It feels odd going through a city and seeing maybe 4 zombies total as well, I don't think there should be a stupid amount of them but currently they're way too easy to avoid. You can jog right past them while they look directly at you only 10 or so meters away and they don't react unless you're sprinting.
  5. ServiusAU

    Stress Test vol.34

    Really good stress test, I've had no issues except for a couple of kicks during the deathmatch spawn phase. not a single BE kick. Some server lag now and again and stuttering zombies. My only feedback right now is that dying instantly with no feedback, like at least a sound of a gunshot is really jarring, I know realistically a headshot would result in an instant death but it's still really odd in gameplay.
  6. "Dumbing down for consoles" Is just a Bogeyman cooked up by elitists to cry about every change they don't like, seriously. A lot of the DayZ community is hardcore PC Mustard Race and any perceived 'streamlining' is just seen as trying to appeal to the unwashed console masses. The moment a console version was announced just about every change has been put down to 'dumbing down for the consoles' and it gets really tiring. It's doubly amusing because console shooters usually have much more dispersion than mainline PC shooters. If anything things like scope sway, recoil and having to zero weapons is actually significantly more controller unfriendly than dispersion. Really leaves me scratching my head and wondering about the logic behind the 'console streamlining' complaints at times. As for the dispersion I think there should be a realistic level of it, DayZ should have it's feet firmly set in a certain level of realism both because of it's history, and it will set it apart from the other games that have come out inspired by it. It should be done in a way that will not make it overly frustrating and leave people praying to the RNG gods despite them doing everything right but I don't think the devs will go that far in that direction. Although weapon dispersion has already been confirmed in some way so we shall see if it's done in a way that makes the majority of people happy.
  7. ServiusAU

    Apple trees

    I'm not 100% certain but I'm starting to think some apple trees just aren't dropping apples at the moment, I've definitely gone through big orchards in some in-land towns and not found a single apple many times. Unless a player came through every time and took every apple shortly before me every single time, which seems unlikely, something is definitely amiss.
  8. At the end of the day you can't tell people how to use a product they payed for or tell them how to use the tools in the sandbox to do whatever they want unless it's cheating. There is no right and wrong way to play DayZ and PvP and the threat of it makes the sandbox a lot better and more engaging and having the threat of people who kill on sight keeps you on your toes. Because it's a game people are also going to be far more likely to treat it as such, there is nothing you can do about it unless you play on Roleplay servers which there are none for .63 yet. There are a good chunk of players who will team up with you given the chance, personally so far in experimental the 4 people I've run into have all been friendly and I even did a few trades.
  9. ServiusAU

    Apple trees

    Along the coast you will find that a lot of the apple trees have been picked clean, especially big orchards. Try and go in land to a smaller town or look for trees that are by themselves in less obvious locations for a better chance at finding some. Personally I've not had that much trouble getting them even in heavily populated servers.
  10. ServiusAU

    0.63 exp review after 1650 hours in dayz

    0.63 is the game in what is essentially a completely new engine, as far as I've been able to tell during development this is not only a completely new renderer, but also animation engine. More or less a lot of things have to be redone completely from scratch so while the graphics and game performance are worlds ahead of what they use to be, certain features are missing or not completely implemented. I can understand how some people can see this as one step forward and two steps back, and I know it's a bit of a 'meme' to say it now but just give it a bit more time before coming to strong opinions about certain elements.