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  1. gromit83

    Stress Test vol.21

    Finally. Played for 6 hours straight yesterday. Fantastic. No character locked in database. Got some serverlag sometimes with some looooong rubberbanding. Thumbs up devs!
  2. gromit83

    Stress Test vol.20

    That did not work
  3. gromit83

    Stress Test vol.20

    Yeah. Updated my ticket. Getting character locked in database again. Joined SWE2-2 and got disconnected from server within 15 seconds with lost connection to server. Now I cant join any other server either....
  4. gromit83

    Stress Test vol.19

    SWE servers 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3 borked. Just got kicked out of Swe 2-2 and now character locked in database and can't play anymore tonight. Issue posted at the feedbacktracker