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  1. Attila Dorn

    New Played HUD Explanation

    Last two is Blood, Health. I heard there is a known issue that your character can suffer from bleeding when logging in if you had a character already before the update on Thursday.
  2. Attila Dorn

    Patch today?

    The experimental servers has gone offline for an update yes, a changelog will probably come later when they're back up.
  3. Attila Dorn

    Idea for Inventory/Items update

    I don't think this is a really good idea as you can already see how many slots each item has with a number, example a backpack with "30" slots and you see a backpack with "50" people will definitely know that this backpack has more capacity than the one they already had. I also think that it's fine that the player has to figure out themselves which item is better or has more slots than the other.
  4. Attila Dorn

    Using gas stove?

    Put it on the ground first and scroll wheel you should get an option to turn it on. Btw you probably shouldn't cook the packed rice. :P
  5. Attila Dorn

    Anyone find a vehicle?

    You need to stand on top of the engine to fill the radiator with water, but it can be a little bit hard to aim where you get the option. It's also the reason why the engine is smoking if you don't put water.
  6. Attila Dorn

    Persistence wipe?

    Yup I also had a car and barrel last night, it's all gone today.
  7. Attila Dorn


    On the stress test yes, and I know they are not in experimental because you can't restrain people.
  8. Attila Dorn


  9. Attila Dorn

    World not Loading...

    If you're in the deep north or west you have probably reached the end of the map.