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  1. MrSisterFister

    Kill Feed

    PM me, i will help you out.
  2. MrSisterFister

    Kill Feed

    Here's mine that i made. includes random death messages for different kills and a player Kill Streak. Here is my SurvivorBase.c class SurvivorBase extends PlayerBaseClient { private string PlayerIdentityName = "empty"; string GetPlayerIdentityName() { return this.PlayerIdentityName; } void SetPlayerIdentityName(string name) { this.PlayerIdentityName = name; } } Now for the PlayerBase.c // kill/death messages ref TStringArray killmessages; ref TStringArray deathmessages; ref TStringArray suicidemessages; // kill count int KillCount; void PlayerBase() { Init(); } void InitializeMessages() { // kill messages killmessages.Insert("was killed by"); killmessages.Insert("was murdered by"); killmessages.Insert("was nullified by"); killmessages.Insert("was destroyed by"); killmessages.Insert("was shat on by"); killmessages.Insert("was ended by"); killmessages.Insert("was raped by"); killmessages.Insert("was pumped by"); killmessages.Insert("got pooped on by"); killmessages.Insert("got peed on by"); killmessages.Insert("got wasted by"); killmessages.Insert("got fucked up by"); killmessages.Insert("got blasted by"); killmessages.Insert("got molested by"); killmessages.Insert("got kicked in the dunger by"); killmessages.Insert("had their ass fucked by"); killmessages.Insert("had their dick removed by"); killmessages.Insert("had their dick blasted by"); killmessages.Insert("had their pussy blown by"); killmessages.Insert("had their pussy blasted by"); killmessages.Insert("had their pee pee blasted off by"); killmessages.Insert("sadly learned about"); killmessages.Insert("sooked bum hole tears from"); killmessages.Insert("was left in a wheelbarrow by"); // death messages deathmessages.Insert("died like a noober"); deathmessages.Insert("died like a fag"); deathmessages.Insert("died sucking themself off"); deathmessages.Insert("died sniffing their ass"); deathmessages.Insert("died poking their mum"); deathmessages.Insert("died having a pokey bum wank"); deathmessages.Insert("died from dysentery"); deathmessages.Insert("died from natural causes"); // suicide messages suicidemessages.Insert("killed themself"); suicidemessages.Insert("commited suicide"); suicidemessages.Insert("took the easy way out"); suicidemessages.Insert("had enough of life"); suicidemessages.Insert("didnt know the number for the Samaritans"); //Rebecca White's Phrase suicidemessages.Insert("failed at counselling"); suicidemessages.Insert("cheated the doctor out of a job"); suicidemessages.Insert("fingered their ass to death"); suicidemessages.Insert("sooked their own turd to death"); } inside void Init() // create all messages killmessages = new TStringArray; deathmessages = new TStringArray; suicidemessages = new TStringArray; InitializeMessages(); KillCount = 0; Further down the file. override void EEKilled( Object killer ) { Print("EEKilled, you have died"); SurvivorBase sbKilled = this; if (killer.IsMan()) { Man manKiller = Man.Cast(killer); if (sbKilled.GetPlayerIdentityName() == manKiller.GetIdentity().GetName()) { // suicide GetGame().ChatPlayer(0,sbKilled.GetPlayerIdentityName() + " " + suicidemessages.GetRandomElement()); } else { // kill PlayerBase playerKiller = PlayerBase.Cast(killer); playerKiller.KillCount++; string kill_count = string.ToString(playerKiller.KillCount) string kill_count_message = "(KS: " + kill_count + ")"; GetGame().ChatPlayer(0, sbKilled.GetPlayerIdentityName() + " " + killmessages.GetRandomElement() + " " + manKiller.GetIdentity().GetName() + kill_count_message); } } else { // random death GetGame().ChatPlayer(0,sbKilled.GetPlayerIdentityName() + " " + deathmessages.GetRandomElement()); } Void OnConnect() void OnConnect() { Debug.Log("Player connected:"+this.ToString(),"Connect"); SurvivorBase sb = this; sb.SetPlayerIdentityName(this.GetIdentity().GetName()); // NEW STATS API StatRegister("playtime"); StatRegister("dist"); m_PlayerOldPos = GetPosition(); m_AnalyticsTimer.Run( 60, this, "UpdatePlayerMeasures", null, true ); } Hope this helps.. I am a fucked up guy so i won't apologize for my choice in kill messages... its your problem to deal with my messages.
  3. MrSisterFister

    Remove Vehicle Damage since update

    I'll have a look over Christmas if i can get my ass off Arma :)
  4. MrSisterFister

    Remove Vehicle Damage since update

    Use a PBO Manager: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369 Most of the changes are in the "scripts.pbo" in the "dta" folder in the root of the DayZ Server directory. Just stop server, make backup of PBO files you are changing, unpack the PBO, make your changes then Repack it and start your server again. Good Luck
  5. MrSisterFister

    Remove Vehicle Damage since update

    DayZServer\dta\scripts\4_World\Entities\Vehicles\CarScript.c override void OnContact( string zoneName, vector localPos, IEntity other, Contact data ) { } If you remove the function completely the game will crash, just leave it completely empty like above. Job Done, Enjoy no damage and enjoy still being alive after the impact..
  6. MrSisterFister

    how would you increase body decay rate?

    Just remove them when they are killed. much easier that's what i did. Also delete the gun when a player is killed. Much better performance.
  7. MrSisterFister

    Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Oh yea the Devs get all the money! they don't come under any management structure, its them making all the decisions about everything bohemia do... sorry my mistake i just thought they get paid a salary to work like dogs to develop this one game and take shit from the needy community. sorry again my mistake.
  8. MrSisterFister

    Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    So many impatient needy people here! No one told you to wait up. If you are happy to buy a "Preview" then you are happy to STFU and deal with any issues until full release. If you don't like it then go play another game because bitching about it on here will really help. Imagine you were trying really hard to make a game and please EVERYONE and you just got trash talked every day, wouldn't be very nice would it? So STFU, Stop moaning about things out of your control and play with what you have been given.
  9. MrSisterFister

    Admin Menu

    I haven't published any code thank you... So don't start causing shit.
  10. MrSisterFister

    Admin Menu

    Try suicide, then /freecam then worked for me!
  11. MrSisterFister

    Admin Menu

    Got mine working also!
  12. MrSisterFister

    Admin Menu

    Cant get it to work either everything is perfect using latest version
  13. MrSisterFister

    Modding Support and Tools, Initial Release

    Man some people are so ungrateful.. just asking for more when they have just released the BETA. just fucking wait or donate them beers! Thanks for all the hard work guys.
  14. MrSisterFister


    PM me i designed my own kill messages array with kill streak.
  15. MrSisterFister

    Cleanup of dead players bodys

    Sorry never got any notifications of reply's, and i was busy creating my own server, i didn't even come back to look at post, them went on holiday! Also i have a real life... if you wanna know anything "Kill feeds", "Active Player Counts", "Kill Streaks", "Dead Body Cleanup" etc PM me, or add me on steam (same username and icon) or Discord.. I also created a random death messages and suicides so its not just the same one all the time and added a kill streak to the end. I created the Battle for Cherno PVP server and you will see most of the scripts in action there. Don't want to hide info so just PM me if you need anything and ill make sure i look at this website once a day!