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    This is geting silly

    there are hundreds of posts like this yet everyone creating them is wrong apparently.... love all the misplaced analogies on these boards and people relying on the odd spelling or grammar mistake for ammunition. Im not a dayz hater, I just feel that people have the right to their own opinions and to debate with others about them.
  2. s1dz

    This is geting silly

    i think anyone who wishes to have a bit of a moan about this game has the right to do so after waiting so long for something decent to be made, dunno why people are so passionate about defending a clearly bungled development. I havent whinged over the years because im not actually that bothered about it now. any excitement i had has dwindled years ago but ill give it a proper go when they say its reached a point where they're happy with the features and stability. annoys me though when people jump up to defend the dayz fiasco just because someone has the audacity to criticise. Im sure some of you are in some cult blindly worshipping the devs.... you wonder if his games will be good? he hasnt been paid millions though im guessing...
  3. s1dz

    Start Walking

    i fear it may end the other way around...
  4. s1dz

    Start Walking

    if this is a "real" survival game i expect to find my local park littered with corpses as they were stupid enough to take the dog for a walk without a tin of tuna and jerry can... :)