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  1. Exp Update 0.63.149741

    What is the construction kit?
  2. Dayz server crashes after update

    Same here
  3. status

    Go into your serverDZ.cfg file and change this line: enableDebugMonitor = 1; //shows info about the character using a debug window in a corner of the screen (value 0-1) to enableDebugMonitor = 0; //shows info about the character using a debug window in a corner of the screen (value 0-1)
  4. Cleanup of dead players bodys

    I know this thread is for making the bodies despawn really quickly, but how would I go about of making them despawn like an hour later?
  5. Item Weight please help

    Thanks @mrwolv!
  6. Item Weight please help

    Thank you very much @smasht!
  7. Item Weight please help

    How did you open this file? I've tried using a few different programs and the only one that doesn't give me an error just seems like it's continuously trying to open it.
  8. Server Cleanup bodies

    I am looking to see if anyone knows how to adjust the server cleanup system for corpses yet. I have gone into the globals.xml file in the db folder, but am not sure if this is where it's located or not. If it is, what are the values that need to be adjusted? Thanks!
  9. Set Name In Server & Server Announce Player Amount

    I have a solution for setting the name in the server, but not the server announcing how many players there are. Steps for setting a player name are: 1) Open up your steam library in steam. 2) Right click on DayZ and open up your properties. 3) Click on "Set Launch Options" 4) Type in -name=yourname and change "yourname" to what you want to call your player (no spaces) 5) Click Ok. You're set!
  10. More zombies?

    I didn't realize you could adjust the weight on the items themselves. Could you point me in the right direction for this as I'll throw this on my to-do list as well. lol
  11. More zombies?

    How big of an fps hit was it on your server? I am looking at increasing zed spawns and eventually a hord that moves around the map once more tools are available.
  12. Item class names

    I would like to know if anyone knows if there is a list of item class names made up already for 0.63 or if there is a way to find them in the files somewhere. I can see some in the cfgrandompresets.xml file but I would like to add more in there.

    Hahaha you're welcome! Sometimes it's something as simple as that that will have you ripping out your hair man. I've been there. Glad it worked for ya!

    You will need to have the directory still match the path. Like I would create a new area for your server like C:\DayZServer Then you'll have your battleye folder in there like normal so your battleye path would look like: -BEPath=C:\DayZServer\Battleye This would have no spaces and it shouldn't give you anymore errors.

    Without having quotations around the directory and having those spaces in there, I think that could possibly be your issue there.