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  1. Right. :) Regarding your answer to my first suggestion: The thing is when you only have one magazine you are forced to go to your inventory to detach it, because you cannot detach it by holding down the corresponding key in your hotbar.
  2. Everything remains subject to change or isn't even finished yet by the DayZ development team. I can only give my suggestions based on the current experience. RELOADING: Right now if you want to reload your weapon you whether need two magazines in your hotbar to reload and then switch magazines everytime the weapon is empty or you need to go to your inventory and detach it from your weapon to reload it and combining it again. This procedure makes the game experience very awkward and forces you to use your inventory for this again. I'd like to suggest a possible solution: Let's say your slots are occupied as follows: Hotkey 1 - Weapon Hotkey 2 - Ammunition Hotkey 3 - Magazine *RED = Incomplete thoughts, could be improved First you detach your magazine with holding down Hotkey 3 and it puts it right into your hands, while your weapon whether goes into your inventory or on your back depending on free inventory slots. Then you got your magazine in your hands and then you hold Hotkey 2 to reload it one by one. Once you are finished reloading your magazine you can re-attach it to your weapon by pressing Hotkey 1 to hold the weapon in your hands and holding down Hotkey 3 again for the magazine to be re-attached. CHANGING CLOTHES: Changing clothes right now is complicated, too. You need to pick it up with F and it lands somewhere in your inventory where there is enough space. Then you need to drag it to the right slot on top to change your clothes, which can be quite confusing too if you aren't able to find it within the first second. After that you need to double-click on every single item from your clothing on the ground (Don't drag them, it takes up even more time ;)). My suggestion: Holding down F on a clothing on the ground to replace the corresponding clothing-type from your inventory. Just pressing F once remains taking the clothing to your inventory. By then you've saved a lot of time and also makes much more sense. The next problem would be how you double-click or drag the items back to your inventory from the ground, although I wouldn't say this is a problem but it can be improved too by picking up the item directly by clicking your middle mouse button (MMB) instead of double-clicking it with the left mouse button (LMB). Thank you for your attention and I hope you do agree with the mentioned subjects. Yours, Gaukh