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  1. Adrenaline sate for .63!

    I mean its a complex idea I guess but saying its "rediculous" bit disrespectful as there could be some way around it. See it as a bar like stamina so... you hear gun shots raises a little closer you get and more shots it raises, how you control your character during X period could effect on how your characters status go up and down. But hey im not going to judge everyone can have their own opinion after all it is a forums
  2. Adrenaline sate for .63!

    I played stress test last night for about 4 hours and I got this idea that would be pretty cool imo. So when you're in PvP your character could enter an adrenaline state where you can sprint for longer distances. But the downfall will be that you hurt yourself but yet again don't feel it due to adrenaline, wear your character down, dehydrate and starve. Then when the adrenaline state wears off you have to spend exceptional amount of time to repair your character. But as a soft skill the longer your character is alive the more immune you come to this and adapt to the PvP environment.
  3. DayZ Series for 63

    Thanks Baty :)
  4. DayZ Series for 63

    Hi I made a few videos entitled "Diary of Conzar" but I never intended them to do as well as they did. I am more of the full PVP player, but I took a lot of inspiration from "PolishedGuy" videos and made me really want to take a different approach to DayZ. By that I went fully survival style not just balls deep killing and only showcasing the PVP of the footage I had got with my squad. I went for just pure lone wolf survival style and showcased everything I came across in that life. However at the start of 63 I am going to be smashing those type of videos out for my series if that sounds like your cup of tea I hope you enjoy. All the editing is done by me the cinematic were found on youtube. Hope you enjoy ;) via