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  1. Stable Update 1.0.149974

    Was there a reason for u to TRY to answer a question that was for the devs...i think not...dont poke your nose where it doesnt belong if you clearly dont know what your talking about sir thanks
  2. Stable Update 1.0.149974

    cannot join any server get the warning message "you have been kicked DB error(Database Error) is what it says plz fix ASAP THANKS
  3. Experimental Update 0.63.149887

    cant play this new exp update game crashes everytime just as its going past the Dayz loading screen right before it gets to the main menu with no errors so i cant report it to the feedback tracker!!!! this issue is not just happening to me either its alot more people its happening to even some say the server browser makes them crash everytime just go back to the old browser Dayz seriously!!!!!!!!!! at least we were able to play and test out the exp builds before the 840 build!!!!
  4. Experimental Update 0.63.149887

    same here dude this new update will not let me play once Dayz starts up it crashes everytime right before it gets to the main menu but stable works fine for me they need to fix it ASAP last update i couldnt play either idk what they did but also it doesnt work for TopeRec the youtuber...plz fix devs forget this new server browser its makin people not able to play and if u want us to test out the update we cant because u broke something else as usual!!!!!!
  5. Experimental Update 0.63.149840

    Cant even play this new exp build Dayz starts up but soon as its about to go to the main menu after loading screen it crashes!!! Ive deleted dayz folder in documents and verified twice Plz fix this issue devs the old exp patch worked fine this 840 wont let me play
  6. Stable Update 0.63.149525

    When will server IL 2-3 be back up you guys have 2 IL 2-13 servers up which makes no sense on stable IL 2-3 was a popular server for ppl near chicago northwest etc!!!!