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  1. I have a few thoughts about this. I agree jogging is too fast, but I would recommend that you do nothing about that in the foreseeable future, since; Even if you make vehicles 'more common', the greater part of a servers population will rarely if ever get to drive them! That is unless they spawn more or less everywhere and are ready to go as in PUBG or earlier testing builds. Getting just one car running takes hours for a group of friends covering a big area (not taking into account rival groups and players fighting over the parts). For a loner it is pointless to even try, so if jogging speed is reduced the lone wolf playstyle will be at an even greater disadvantage than before. Now I'm perfectly happy to team up with people if I meet a nice person and feel like making contact, but I would hate to be forced into it in such a manner. The way I see it vehicles should be a convenience, not a requirement. Edit - as Dr. LuckAffe said a few posts above PLEASE bring back walking toggle. Why would you remove it in the first place? Holding down CTRL to walk is very annoying.
  2. Stable Update 0.63.149442

    Nights were actually a bit too bright before, but the current extreme darkness is probably down to the season - DayZ follows the irl calendar and it is November after all, and new moon on top of that.
  3. New Actions & Crafting

    Can't wait for 'drop' and 'throw' actions to be back. The 0.62 tendency to drop stuff in your hands to the ground when swapping with full inventory was very frustrating, but not being able to equip a weapon due to full inventory and not being able to drop whatever is in your hands (without going into inventory) is equally frustrating. For me personally the quickbar is primarily used to swap between the most commonly used items plus reloading weapons. There are just not enough slots available to waste on other "crafting" actions. I miss the 0.62 possibility to swap magazines with "F" when you had mags in your inventory, that would save quickbar slots since you now need to use one for every mag you want to be able to swap without tabbing out. I like to keep a tidy inventory to know where stuff is, so I spend quite some time organising it. For that reason I would like to see an option to "save" an item to a certain inventory slot, this would return that item to the same slot when unequipped and block that slot from being occupied by other items looted/swapped. This would also indirectly prevent you from overlooting making you unable to swap the saved item if you have it equipped in your hands. Other than that, making a fireplace is the most time consuming action I do often, along with eating, drinking and cooking. Maybe you could implement a function to cycle between edibles in your inventory and take one to hands without opening inventory? (I mean without needing to put apples on the quickbar...)
  4. Ladder climbing speed is well balanced, although sliding down should not be affected by stamina since it's a gravity thing (unless the idea is that we're so burdened it is hard to hold on while sliding). Non-sprinting swimming feels too slow. It might be realistic, but it is so slow you just get annoyed. Stance changing on C works well, I haven't even thought about the stance changing in a long while, so yes I got used to it! I use the 360 degree turning while prone, but I find it hard to get back on my belly when I've rolled over on my back. Might be a L2P issue, but it could be more fluid. The emotes behave as you'd expect them to, looking forward to the radial menu since I always confuse the F-buttons which can cause...problems. Item swapping looks good and the time it takes is well balanced, no instant swapping but neither is it frustratingly slow. Injured movement is a good addition, could be complemented with player audio - grunts of pain, maybe a spoken "f!#@$ I'm bleeding!" to complement the HUD icons, I always hide the HUD so tabbing out to check if I'm bleeding is a bit awkward, especially if I'm still in a fight.
  5. Status Indicators in the HUD

    1. Not really 2. I miss the green colour codes from 0.62. Although I have learned to read the indicators, I believe a soft green for higher levels would make it easier to know if I'm safe or about to drop into yellow. I would also like an option to change the opacity and/or size of the icons to make them less intrusive. I go without most of the time now since I feel they clutter the screen. Also, please make it possible to reduce font size of server messages and other text. They are extremely intrusive right now. 3. Only the germ icon. An explanation of that would be welcome.
  6. Stable Update 0.63.149415

    Isn't this an old bug that was fixed already?
  7. Exp Update 0.63149365

    It is perfect, you have to use light sources which is as it should be. That said, spawning empty handed on a server where it is night is very, very hard to survive unless you stumble on a well (or miraculously find a flashlight) before the flare has burned out...
  8. Exp Update 0.63149365

    I noticed that thing with heavy hits last night. My favourite opener vs infected was suddenly just an invite to get smacked in the face. I just couldn't understand what happened so I thought I was missing...
  9. Addressing the most pressing issues

    Maybe have a poll or something, I'd like a list of all item names that have licensing concerns to them, so we can provide suggestions on clever renaming that dodges greedy lawyers while not sounding so mind-numbingly stupid... For example, when it comes to AK:s I'd like to see them being called 'AR' instead, i.e. an acronym for Assault Rifle, that would work for all the AK model I think. UN Helmet could be called "Peacekeeper" helmet and so on. But I agree - licensed names would be best. In a game aiming for authenticity, having bogus names for real life equipment gives a slightly unprofessional impression.
  10. Stress Test vol.56

    Happened to me with a hesco barrier too when I walked over it.
  11. Stress Test vol.56

    1. They have confirmed this bug and are working on a fix. 2. Hahaha that is messed up. Something tells me the damage value of the brass knuckles is handled like any melee weapon, and it has some placeholder value that is supposed to add to the fist damage but instead overrides it. 3. Yeah, the last few database updates have brought this, they're messing around with item names every update. 4. Same as 3, they're messing around with the names partly due to licensing / copyright issues. 5. I actually like this. Military weapons should be rare - but there should be Mosin ammo in civ locations as well. 6. I've seen this too. They aggro when someone is shooting but then bug out and set off into the bush. They won't stop unless killed, won't interact with anything and pass through obstacles as ghosts.
  12. Stress Test vol.56

    There are definitely more infected spawning in this build than in previous builds, which is great, but their movement has issues. They can stand screaming in place, unable to move, and occasionally will teleport to your side. I had one pass through a wall and hit me in the back when I was waiting for him in a shed, facing the door. That might have been the lag-teleport-thing though since the door was open, I don't think he actually walked through the wall. I've also been hit through walls and doors a few times after barricading myself in a room with angry infected outside. I think these problems are due to some new server lag issue that came with yesterday's build, since on offline they had no issues and their pathfinding is better than it has been in a very long time. I started shooting infected from the roof of the Elektro police station, and soon infected started coming out onto the roof. They not only found their way into the building, but navigated up three floors and onto the roof. This is good, I hope they learn to break down doors (when in larger groups maybe, or with time) and climb ladders soon too... I really like that they will aggro each other with the screaming, but like Bio wrote they shouldn't spawn within sight of a player but rather come running from the woods. Also, spawn points in the boonies is a must! I don't know if infected have a despawn timer and/or spawn area leash today, but imo they should be allowed to wander indefinitely unless killed, so they can end up just about anywhere. Other things observed during this stress test: Animation when carrying heavy items such as barrels and car doors still glitched. Character's left arm is twisted in a way that looks like something out of a Japanese horror film. It's bent all wrong... When holding barrels, doors etc, please block emotes and other motions that just cannot be performed with such an item in your hands. When logging out with a lada hood in hands there was a very gruesome glitch when the character sat down. I had sporadic micro freezes that came and went. I suspect these were related to the same thing that causes infected movement to glitch, since I didn't have them in Offline mode. I can confirm the new water bottle bug, it cannot be refilled at water pumps. Still not possible to light fireplaces in indoor hearth but you can set fireplaces on the floor instead, so it doesn't matter.
  13. Stress Test vol.56

    Yeah. Also, often when I run at them to smack them with something they turn their back to me allowing me two or three free swings before they try to fight. Dunno what that's about but when you have a hatchet or better that is enough for them do die before they turn back. Oh, the displaced item when swapping bug is back, items end up all over the place instead of in your hands. To avoid it you must put things in bags before bringing something else to your hands.
  14. Stress Test vol.56

    All right, it is still not possible to ignite fireplaces set in indoor chimneys, but you're still good if you want to enjoy indoor coziness:
  15. Stress Test vol.56

    Does this include dynamic loot? Meaning fruit, stones, (+ heli crashes & police cars I guess)? Haven't seen apples in offline in a really long time... Also, no mention of fireplaces, so indoor chimneys still not working? And is Gorka not protecting from rain anymore intentional?