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  1. Training required

    At the very least I expect simple hand-powered train cars (a.k.a. "handcar", "velocipede" or "pump-trolley" etc to make it into the game at some point. Maybe as craftable items with some auto parts and scrap metal?
  2. I went back to 0.62. I'm keeping the stress test build in a separate folder so I can quickly get the update and jump into stress testing the content patch when it is time. But for actual playing 0.62 is, in all it's clunky glory, far more engaging than experimental. For me the turning point was when I realised they have disabled wolves. Wolves (along with cows and deer) were in the earlier stress test builds so I don't understand why they were taken out in experimental. Strange decision, especially since they haven't said anything. The animals must have been causing stability issues or something else that needs fixing, or devs just forgot to reactivate the spawns after a pvp stress test...
  3. Where is the DayZ population?

    Well I did play experimental a lot, explored map changes and tested this and that. Once it dawned on me that they even took out the wolves and cows, who spawned in the earlier stress test builds, I went back to 0.62. There's so much more depth to it, clunky or not. I'd forgotten all about the bad module crashes though. Hate them.
  4. Stamina and energy levels?

    This is EXACTLY how I want stamina and soft skills to work. I really hope what they are planning is something like this.
  5. You're right, so I'll try to clarify. If people say "We can't find loot anywhere!" or "We keep starving/thirsting to death, we think there should be more food/water around!" we can give tips on how they can deal with their problems and have a healthy discussion. For example, I too think the rates at which energy/hydration drops are exaggerated in 0.63, and the amounts you need to eat and drink to max them are inhuman, just plain silly to be honest. However, I am sick and tired of the people who dive in screaming "THERE IS NO LOOT!!!" or "YOU STARVE TO DEATH IN FIVE MINUTES DAYZ SO BROKEN FFS!!!" etc etc, along with a grand selection of bad words. They are not interested in listening to advice or having a discussion, they just want to scream and rant and get patted on the back by likeminded. I'm sorry, but I have a hard time respecting the opinion of someone who just won't listen to reason and would rather ignore facts and keep screaming than admit he might be exaggerating the problem. That is what I mean with "waa waa" threads, nothing more. It's a question of how they voice their concerns, no matter how valid they might be at the core. And back to topic, I want 3rd person to stay because I like it! ;-)
  6. I'm new around here so the discussion is all fresh to me, and soooo much more interesting than the "waa waa there's no lewt/food/water" threads that were going on. They've quieted down a bit recently though, haven't they? Or have I just developed an internal filter to ignore them?
  7. I think this bit put better words on why I prefer 3rd person perspective. It gives me some spatial awareness that I don't get in 1st person, the feeling that I'm playing a person and not a drone/android/avatar I'm controlling from the safety of a computer. I know it's a contradiction in terms, how can seeing my avatar from behind his head give me a stronger feeling of "being" him than looking through his eyes? It's all very subjective of course, I'm talking feelings here. But 1st person has never been very immersive to me since it does not actually feel like I'm looking through the eyes of a person, it just feels like I'm looking through a camera. To me it might as well be an airplane, space ship or a mechanical fly I'm controlling, since I don't see it I don't feel it. I believe field of vision and perspective is the culprit here so I don't think it will ever change, unless I'm playing in full VR. Which would be awesome, tried Resident Evil 7 VR on my mate's system, and although the game itself is very dumb the immersion is incredible. Playing DayZ like that would probably give me a heart attack.
  8. Where is the DayZ population?

    I'm playing 0.62 until content patches start coming for 0.63. Tried a few Arma3 mods but to be honest they all feel incredibly limited when you've played the standalone. The lack of melee for one thing drives me nuts, if you run out of bullets all you can do is run...
  9. I haven't stated anything I said as fact, quite the opposite, I was very clear with that I was stating my personal views. I never played the Arma2 mod so I don't have that reference I'm afraid, but if DayZ had been a 1st person only game I'm fairly sure I would have thought twice about buying it. I guess it's kind of irrational, but any other actions than ranged weapon combat feels utterly cheesy for me in 1st person. You often can't see what your character is doing, the camera wiggles a bit back and forth and things get done, to some that is immersive but to me this is cringy. On the current experimental I noticed a bug that makes the character do the "slit throat" emote when you try to wash your hands with a water bottle. In 1st person I wouldn't have seen the emote, I'd just know the character didn't wash his hands. On the other hand, that anyone would prefer 3rd person for pvp feels completely alien to me, for the reasons I stated earlier. That must have everything to do with the advantage you get with that invisible drone hovering behind your head, so like I suggested earlier: hide players and AI units that wouldn't be in your 1st person LOS and that is fixed. Loot I don't know, wouldn't consider that much of an issue but you could do it with that too unless the character is in e.g. the same room as the item in question. Maybe the rates between 1st person and 3rd person servers would need to be changed with the above changes? Meaning that players would migrate from 3rd person if it wouldn't give them that advantage? Who knows, I know I wouldn't change anyway. I would probably be able to adapt to 1st person only since I enjoy the game very much, but it would take away part of what makes it so enjoyable for me. Here we are obviously very different.
  10. Like I said earlier it's a personal preference, I'll try to explain below. The thing is when playing shooters I prefer 1st person, or rather I have to have it because I'm perfectly honest when I say I can't aim in 3rd person. That body blocking half the screen just bothers me too much, and the crosshair doesn't help (although the dynamic one in 0.62 actually worked better for me, sad to see it go in 0.63). I was "born and bred" a 1st person player since I started gaming in earnest around the time good old Doom was released. I spent far too much time at university playing Doom deathmatches in the computer lab. The IT bear (really, the man was hairy, I'm still half convinced he was Bigfoot) hated us and wiped the game from the hard drives every day, but we just put it right back next evening. Doom fit on just a few floppy disks... I grew fond of 3rd person in 3d games when games like GTA3 and various RPG:s came around. I've always hated close combat in 1st person, to me it just looks and feels incredibly dumb, those floating arms and weapons are absolutely awful. When my friends were all like "YOU HAVE TO PLAY MORROWIND IT'S SOOO GOOD!!" I just couldn't bear it, tried a few hours and ragequit. And in DayZ I usually kill zeds in close combat to keep from getting swarmed so 3rd person is crucial. Anyway for me this all boils down to 1st person being for pure shooters and 3rd person for rpg:s and sandboxes. And to me DayZ is not primarily a shooter, when I feel like shooting at other players I'll play Battlefield or PUBG for a couple of hours. Fast, arcadish and a bit of fun, but ultimately shallow and boring in the long run. DayZ is so much more than a shooter, forcing 3rd person on everyone just to cater to pvp extremists (sorry) would not be a good decision, especially when there are already 1st person only servers available. Why force 3rd person on everyone when you have the option to play on pure 1st person servers anyway? Doesn't make sense to me. As for the corner peeping, I keep forgetting it's there since my old brain can't readjust after all those years playing pewpew in 1st person. I wouldn't mind if they made it so the game simply will not show any player or AI unit that would not be in LOS in 1st person. Would be a fair and sensible change. Removing 3rd person entirely would actually be a gamebreaker though, I'd have to find something else or wait for modders to put it back in... Edit: Another sensible change would be to go right to 1st person when raising hands with a firearm, so no hipfiring in 3rd person. Isn't PUBG like this already?
  11. Personally I prefer 3d person since for me it is more immersive. 1st person is okay for pure shooters like CoD, Battlefield or Doom, but to me DayZ is more of an adventure or RPG so if there was no 3d person I would probably find another survival game. I don't play DayZ primarily to fight other players (although the pvp part is what gives it that essential fear-of-death flavour that makes it unique), I play it to explore, scavenge and survive. Doing stuff like that I want to see my character. Whenever I end up in a gunfight I tend to swap to 1st person anyway since I can't aim in 3d person. My brain is just wired wrong, I guess I played too much Doom back in the nineties... As for that "corner peeping" mechanic which is the main gripe of folks howling for 1st person only, I actually couldn't care less. Make it so players you wouldn't see if in 1st person are hidden until they actually come into your line of sight, and 3d person is fixed for you too. I don't use 3d person to get an advantage, I use it because I like it.
  12. Stress Test vol.31

    There are so many threads about this where it is explained, but here it is: Do not stop drinking when the meter turns white! When the icon goes white all it means is you're just barely out of danger. Have you noticed the arrows above or below the icon indicating resources are being gained (upwards) or drained (downwards)? You have to keep drinking (and eating for that matter) until the upwards arrows stop showing up! That is when you are fully hydrated, not before. Once there you can run for up to an hour without needing to drink again. Of course it depends on how much you sprint, sprinting drains resources twice as fast as jogging so if you sprint a lot you need to drink a lot. Makes sense right? In general it is a very bad idea to sprint when you are low on resources, only sprint if you really have to. Otherwise stick to jogging until you've found a well or pond where you can drink until fully hydrated.
  13. A Serious Problem

    Yeah, this started happening to 0.62 recently and that hasn't been patched in ages right? Windows updates did cause the "Bad module" crashes so it's not that far fetched to think these blue screen crashes are also windoze related. If so I hope M$ get it sorted asap.
  14. Status Report 3 July 2018

    It can be read like that, although I have a feeling there might be one more stability update before that. The current stress test build still has some Battleye issues (although to be fair that could be on Battleye's end, kick sprees only happen on some servers), but the queue seems to work now and I've only had one crash in maybe ten hours playtime total. There's also a very annoying inventory bug in it where magazines get stuck in weapons and renders them useless, I hope that gets fixed sooner rather than later.
  15. Stress Test vol.31

    I tested this morning and can confirm it is possible to circumvent this bug, by opening the inventory and dragging the magazine into an open bag slot instead of picking it up with F. I could combine the mag with the rifle normally after that.