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  1. Experimental Update 0.63149374

    What about fixing hit register issue. today i shot 3 mags to kill one guy. Second one is key bindings, it is pain in the ass to aim.
  2. Stress Test vol.41

    Constant kicks and massive desync is all i get. unplayable. And fix the goddamn blur while iron sight it is impossible to aim.
  3. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    I totally agree, devs lie to us, it is very hard to be such inaccurate in deadlines by a mistake. Anyone remembers the statment that dayz will hit 1.0 this year? i wonder who still believe in this, lies and excuses is all we get. In this rate 0,63 beta will arrive hopefully in december. Reading all this copy paste status reports, this unnatural hyper exitment over some little irrevelant things like famous ledders is making me sick. I was a fanboy of this project not so long time ago, but in december when we were punched in the face again i decided not to defent this game anymore. I wonder what was a state of the game back then I am sure that in october or november devs knew that it will never hit beta till end of 2017 but they decided not to tell us the truth.
  4. Status Report - April 25 2018

    What about "weeks not months" status? it has been like 6 -7 weeks from this statement. We are far from experimental release, even more away from stable, and you the devs at the beginning of the year stated that you are planning to hit 1.0 this year? I would love to see that. So, stress tests are going to be main topic in upcoming status reports? that basicly mean that we will get only stress tests for about a month or more. I remember the last status report in december, and it was like beta hits experimantal asap, 4 month later still no exp 0.63. Instead we get something like experimental for experimental. Like the Inception movie. I just analyzed the SR and connected the dots, feel free to correct me if i am wrong.
  5. 0.63 Stress tests

    I wonder if we get a status report today along with some stress testing :)
  6. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Months, not years. *did my last post got censored (read deleted) ?:)
  7. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Devs mentioned multiple times that there will be a lot zombies and hordes in beta along with more players per server. I am expecting nothing more that i was promised, but i am almost certain that i will be disappointed anyway.
  8. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Now we got SR postponed again. This is getting beyond ridiculous. Still no update for checklist as it should be updated twice a week.
  9. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Yes, but patience has limits. This update supposed to be released in december. Now we got this checklist and still 3 weeks without visible progress. I am sure there will be no stable beta before june, but hey 1.0 this year ;)
  10. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    We got another two weeks behind and checklist still not updated even once.
  11. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Look at the speed, two points done from checklist in 2 weeks. I just assume another 11 points will take the same amount of time. And yes, i said 11 weeks on purpouse, becouse devs said that beta is weeks, not months from release ;) Anyway, i like the thread, i hope it will be kept up tu date.
  12. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Yay still eleven weeks to go, but remember: weeks not months.