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    Stable Update 0.63.149386

    I spent the whole weeken (i guess around 20 hours) to get a car working. I made it three times. With the first one i drove through the forests (very slow) and parked it there, so nobody will find it. A few minutes later, for some reason the motor wasn't starting anymore (maybe because i hit a tree just a little bit?) with all parts being pristine! With the other two cars i made a little crash because of the bad physics (especially on high speed) and the motor hadn't started there either, with all parts being pristine! All those vehicles despawned after the next server restart, with all my items in it. So i guess there is a global health which can't be seen atm and can't be repaired either. In my opinion you should be able to repair every vehicle, no matter how hard you crashed. The problem is without a working car it's nearly impossible to build a base in the outback, especiall because of the heavy items. So in my opinion this is the most important issue that needs to be solved after the hit registration issue. Devs please go on that, it's really frustration spending this much time and effort in something without any result...
  2. How long du you need for a freaking content update guys?! You can't be serious?! I thought you said: "After the engine is finished and all systems are working (what is the case now), updates will come much faster". You add some new weapons and new mechanics and need nearly 1 MONTH to make it work properly! How long tf will it take if you add big stuff like basebuilding or vehicles? And how should this be possible in 2018 if you're continuing in this tempo?
  3. wshalex123


    If they will not hurry now, other games like SCUM (Wich will be released tomorrow) are going to finish DayZ anyway, so don't worry.
  4. wshalex123

    How to make DayZ run again

    Reading is difficult isn't it? In the whole article isnt even one line that says DayZ should become PubG. I just outlined how PubG (Or the DayZ Mod) became so famous. I personally never want DayZ to become like PubG or even COD, but i think they should be analysed to understand WHY DayZ is actually that infamous!
  5. wshalex123

    How to make DayZ run again

    PubG was just an example. You can also compare the DayZ SA to the old DayZ Mod. I never said i want DayZ to become PubG. I just wanted to show how PubG became this popular. And @tiadashi: What do you mean with the popularity of the game isnt based on how it is? Of course it is!! People are buying games becuase they like it. Just think about why so many People bought the SA at the release... Why did they buy it? Because they thought it would be as nice as the Mod, but instead they were disappointed and so less people played it in the following years. So i think the popularity is only based on "how it is" and how the game-concept is. After i wrote this post yesterday i found a very nice video about this topic. Maybe you will understand after watching this..
  6. wshalex123

    How to make DayZ run again

    Hello folks, First of all, i'd like to say that this post isn't intended to offend the developers or the game itself. Iam a longtime player of dayz but i quit playing it about one year ago. Nevertheless i was always informed about the developing process because of reading the status reports. However... I installed the game again after a loooong time and i realised what the REAL problems of this game are and you can conclude it in one sentence... --> There aren't any employment opportunities <-- But WAIT! Before you quit readying here because you maybe think "Oh hell no so many people said this before", just keep reading! Think about other games like PubG... Why are they so popular? Because the Players always have something to do and there's always some kind of action during the game! So i think the focus for the developers should not be in issues like inserting a Helicopter or spend TONS of hours in high end detailed animations. That doesn't mean that i don't like the stuff they are doing, its just a matter of setting the priority! Instead of bringing new game content to the game you should think about a new play-style to design the game more attractive for the players! So here is some stuff I thought about to design the game more attractive and bring some action in it: WEAPONS: The spawning and distribution of weapons on Chernarus is actually completly wrong. You should at least be able to find a small automatic mp very easy (Also at the coast region) in order to bring more action to this reagions. Weapons like AKM, M4 or small sniper rifles should be able to find in the middle of the map or the north-east region, so players have STILL a reason to go inside the Map. Heavy Weapons like a MG or big Sniper Riffles like the SVD sould be able to find very rare in regions like the NWA or Tisi OR in the following point. HELI/PLANE DROPS: You know why drops are more exiting for players than crashes? Because so many players can see them over a huge range and the firs thats in their mind is: "Let's go and get it!" And THIS is the way how you bring action in the game! By causing conflicts under the players! If there are very rare items in a drop like heavy weapons or ghillie suits i promise that every player who is in a possible range will get to this dropzone because they want to get a SVD etc.! ARMOR LEVEL: This seems very close to PubG, but they overthought this topic really clever! If you add Level to the Armor or to the clothes/backpack you make looting for players much more interesting! A player would risk to go in a high populated area like cities or airfields even more he is able to find there a better armor! LOCOMOTION: Every player at the Spawnzone should easy be able to find a bicycle or a motorbike to OR maybe a small car. You can ask every DayZ player... All are pissed of by running half an hour to get back where they died or in a high populated area .... this are only a few examples how you guys could get DayZ running again. I hope you understood what I try to explain... Thank you for very much for reading (And sorry for my bad english)