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  1. Hawksachute vw

    And SCUM arrive ....

    Hello Every ONES , We know that no actual survival games or Shooter LastmanStand can actualy hit DayZ core. Many take part of the fun gameplay that DayZ introduce . That said I waiting dayZ for so long time now... wanna fishing hunt, Squad play, base building, resist against zombie ! ... Well live and expériment a true survival expérience ! But years and years i knwo... I m quit confident that dayZ will realse IT a bohemia simu game ! (i trust bohemians game because of its fucking greaat combat simu milsim expérience ti make a stunish game :P ) And now what should arrive arrive ! SCUM , scum made a promes be the first MMO survival simu! , what we see from us in video , john dick was very promising ! I have no clue if they can realy do it for 64 players per serv, but wow that amazing what they do . just think about the 3rd person view address ! , Metabolism BCU . etc ... I dont like the Direction Artistique .I prefer DayZ 0.62 (no 0.63 too cartonnest) My question is : DO You Think SCUM can break OUT dayZ ? Or its just an other game...
  2. Hawksachute vw

    Status Report - May 8, 2018

    JUst like Up Coments, DON't Make DayZ A PUBG LIKE !!!! DayZ is a uniq survival DayZ is DayZ ;) you already Losse the Popularité Battle (Steamstats), but so dont loos the Quality Battle you already Made in DayZ since his early days 7yago. Thx Brian for your works, remind me back days when you anonce Little bird in WIP , was a big turn like Torchia Conf. ^^
  3. Hawksachute vw

    Stress test vol.5

    Yeah , but not artefacts like the previous one for me. But sur that desyn back us to old DAYZ SA time !!!! :/ wait and see...
  4. Hawksachute vw

    Stress test vol.5

    well : In that #5 stress test : -Ladder : weapon simply desaeper in hand and reaper when off the ladder (for info , i have an other weapon on my back so no more place) (annimation miss ? , or bug , ) ? - When i m prone on inclined floor Imposible to aim (caracter shacking) -Sound like inside house , when i was walking on wood pallet !!!!! (not ok because its outdoor ;) !! )
  5. Hawksachute vw

    Stress test vol.5

    how use this new feedback tracker ! ? (it s not very obvus in phabricator ... ^^ )
  6. Hawksachute vw

    Stress Test vol.4

    Hey hell was nice to have the chance to test 0.63 in live :) But lot s of bug investigation ^^ Many artefact appear (blue one) one time Caractere player block indatabase (you investigate apparently ) One nusty one try on offline and now, One radio tower and tower, The" ladder trap/hole", caracter will be block or falling down by this hole when walking on (need to me fixed ;) ) one again advise us do you have change size of mutiple object like houses ????????
  7. Hawksachute vw

    General Discussion

    Hello s dudes and survivors in all kinds of First of all I want to thanks the dev team and Maket team about those recents realese and how u communicate with us ! and the dev team for u works during these 6years ( ^^" ) Yeah for me dayZ is more than just a game, u can spend hours just walking around, and feel like a hicking simulator ! but never boring, because of community beacause of u play with u freinds , or solo, to have u own story. You heart is so loud when you meet an other dude, (frendly ? , do i ll died soon etc... But dayZ have its environment , game design , colors, amlbient life !!!!!!! (I played OFP, ARMA, ARMA 2 was a beast so realisitc by is colors and choise in design) ARMA 3 even if it bring some amazing animation system, is more colors, round, and i dont like play with :/ dayZ is a survival game first, with zoombie second, with peaple tird . So you hunt to survive (Hicking and hunting simulator), zoombie (FPS game, and sprintercell game STEAL), and social game. The treat come by these 3 types of simulation togather and with the same intensity. -> that is my dayZ and i whish hope a mod be like that :) , or just dayZ is like that at first. COME to TALK About the stress Test and IMPRESSIONS ! I Dont Like ! : the colors, it s like ARMA 3 ! come back to ARMA 2 please ! , too circle, rounds. NEED TO BE SHARP like life. REcent game come with this cartoon impression ! , more recent unrealengine too and KILL the imerssion , WAX DOLLS. DAYZ its not PUB please, its darker, u dont play battlefeil heroes ! Trees like the new artistic life , but trees seem sometime, no very nice (pins are wonderful, but some others well no to very nice) bing back when the caracter is prone, It must crouch Grass ! like in every ARMA Game ;) Second why DOORS are so BIG , so Large ! , that reforce that impression, and the caractere i dont mentione .... ARMA 1 was beter in eye . I fully very dont understand these choise ! fence walk over, dont feel good at all , we cant be close and aim BuG (shoot in trees very close kill u instant ! ) .... What i very IN ! Amination systeme, Lader system, reload system, enven its first iteration of course! Wind system, shadow system, sound will be soon amazing ! load system with weith (but wear shoes in real life in forest may u sprint faster and longer no, not the opposit ^^ ) Grass ! amzing works FIRE AND LIGTH SEE AT DISTANCE !!!!!!!!! That i want to test first and works, they dont desaeper like 200 m away, can wait to spot enemy camp fire at distance, , by the way can u reenforce the smoke altitude (in fireplace, in floor and in houses ? :) ) Feed wilde Runnig and stop and go (but the info circle is too large at the certer (but if it moddular its ok ) Apple under apple tree very intelligent found! INvetory System, nice to can do somting directly in game but it annoying to have to open invetory, put bullet in floors, put mag in close invetory, realod mag, etc ... becaose of just two or 6 hot key :/ im sure u have a solution. :) Some other test comes so ... wait and see
  8. Hawksachute vw

    0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    plaese update the check list, no news on since 28/03 ; say at list "no change" ^^ :)
  9. Hawksachute vw

    0.63 Checklist Updates

    camera collisions done ! :p eleven to go
  10. Hawksachute vw

    Art to work

    Thank you / merci beaucoup Baty, cela me fait plaisir, heureux que cela te plaise. :)
  11. Hawksachute vw

    Art to work

    Hello, I hope 0.63 come befor the end of january . Or you wait SpaceX FH ^^ ? here a little amusement from France :)