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  1. forty_two

    Gift for supporters (IDEA)

    They are published, otherwise modding would not make sense.
  2. forty_two

    Gift for supporters (IDEA)

    If the server files is given, the server just has to be powerful enough. There are quite inexpensive offers at times.
  3. forty_two

    Passive Character Progression

    Players with less playing time would be massively disadvantaged, not a good idea.
  4. The first person perspective is the most honest version of the game to play.
  5. forty_two

    Few questions about 0.63

    The LOD does not always load the right things to the right time, it still has to be worked on.
  6. forty_two

    What I Think Players Really Want

    I do not need any vehicles. I played for 3 hours on the experimental server and I have been away from my usual way. In ~ 2 hours (including 3 gunfights) I went from the coast to severograd, I had food, drink, good equipment and akm with clips and ammunition. I can not understand crying ... and ask for simplifying things.
  7. forty_two

    Feedback on 0.63 Exp.

    You can put a clip in the quick bar, if you then use the button is the old clip removed and the new installed without having to go into the inventory ... that also works with the filling of clips.
  8. forty_two

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Yesterday, boring, I once again briefly played the version 0.62 ... after the experience with the 0.63 the 0.62 has become unplayable.
  9. forty_two

    persistence in offline mode?

    ... It's better than starting over an over again.
  10. forty_two

    What I expect from BETA Unconscious System

    I would immediately press respawn, that takes me too long otherwise
  11. forty_two

    Exp Update 0.62.143751

    Bolts -> School Severograd: Parking Area, Roof, Small Chapel 100 m in the South.
  12. forty_two

    Stable Update 0.62.143640

    We have 2 private servers, one public for everyone, one with whitelist. There are gift boxes on the public server, there are no gifts on the whitlist server.