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    Stable Update 1.03.151658

    Dear devs! Thank you for last updates! I have some suggestions for making game better: 1. Could you add the ability to give things through one of the gestures (replace one of F1-F11). If you hold the thing in your hand and use this gesture, another player can take it from your hand like from the ground. 2. Сould you make limited amount of gasoline in a gas station until to next server restart? 3. In recent years, the map has become very urbanized, there are a lot of towns and cities, there are few places to hide. Could you expand the map to the west for several kilometers, in the form of a wild forest? 4. We need some bears in the wild forests 🙂 5. Reconsider the economy of the game: canned food, ammo and fuel must be rare, then other loot would have price.
  2. Udavb

    Stable Update 1.02

    Dear devs! Please pay your attention for some things that could be realized better: 1. Players breath glowing in night time. 2. Personal light must be optional on client (game settings) or server side (like crosshairs etc) 3. Unrealistic acceleration speed up and down to the hill and stairs, no matter of carrying weight you have
  3. Udavb

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Totally agree. Does the devs knows about this? Everytime i try to get in vehicle it wanna kill me by launching to space