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  1. Dayzroleplay.net

    I have been playing on the network for about 2 weeks now. Must say I have met some really great people and had some awesome RP. Great work guys! Can't wait to meet y'all in game!
  2. this has started with the .62 update. I am unable to drive/ride in running vehicles. http:// As current I have googled the error and followed all the 'help' guides to 'fix' the issue and still nothing has worked... and here is another little twist.. this only happens when I run the 64bit. Odd right? If I stay on the 32bit I am fine around vehicles How ever!! I lose all sound in game when I run 32bit...This is really important considering the type of game Dayz is also because we play mainly on RP servers. My partner and I tested this many times and he can hear me in game but I can not hear him or ANY noises... SO If anyone has any ideas please assist me on what to do next. All drives are current and up to date as of yesterday 11/8/2017 ~512GB Samsung ~850 EVO SSD ~2TB Secondary Drive ~DVD ~16GB DDR4 ~NIVIDIA GTX 970 ~1ms response time 24" ASUS monitor -Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit -Intel(R) Core(TM)i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40HGHz (8CPUs) -DirectX 12