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  1. Missing string Controls entries

    @pilgrim* Thanks for the detailed reply. Let me just clear something up, incase anyone finds this thread googling a similar issue. I just bought a Roccat Sova lap keyboard, because I don’t have a desk and have to game from my couch. The keyboard is extremely standard, it just doesn’t have a numberpad section (my last Logitech wireless one before it didn’t either), and a few other bells and whistles like the app menu key on some keyboards, so things like Zoom-in/Zoom-out I decided to rebind because they are important and use the num pad by default, but nothing crazy. So I made those controls page up and page down (did the double tap modifiers for those too), and edited whatever number pad was originally (I can’t tecall offhand), by making them left ctrl + page up and down. Otherwise my only change that I can recall is making walk W+S. So that’s 9 keys rebound in total. Heres the thing, there is a definite problem with how DayZ allows keys to be used before giving you a red indicator. For instance, if you try to put left ctrl + another key, anywhere I’ve tried, the game tells you left ctrl is already taken. Same with W+S. It says W is already taken. This is totally bonkers. Arma 3 is an example of how this should be handled. Arma very gracefully understands there is no conflict between W and W+S and allows W+S without errors. I’d understand if the game wanted to error out in situations where these keys would overlap and compete for use, but I’ve made sure not to do that. Arma 3 allows these kinds of binds changes, DayZ does allow them (please note, all my DayZ rebinds work in game!), but tells you there’s a problem and also gives you missing string entries. And none of this explains why my F8+ gestures are missing strings either, I never touched the F keys. I realize the game is an alpha, but I just want to clarify I have not gone overboard. I just made a couple adjustments I needed to make if I want to play the game. It seems to me DayZ doesn’t quite understand binds set to multiple keys or modifier keys. I’m not an expert on this but I don’t see any reason why what I’m doing is either out of the ordinary or not allowed. Its my opinion they should look again at how it’s handled in Arma.
  2. Missing string Controls entries

    I totally deleted my profile (then verified my game cache again), rebound some keys again, and it’s still the same. What a weird issue. I’d guess maybe 10+ entries have “missing string blah blah” instead of the control name. I’d be shocked if most people didn’t have this issue but who knows. Surly I can’t be the only one that rebinds keys (lots of American keyboards I’ve come across don’t have a number pad, for example, so you’d pretty much have no choice but to add new binds). Thanks for the help though. It’s just odd but doesn’t seem to break anything too bad.
  3. Missing string Controls entries

    Hi everyone! I’m new to DayZ so I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here. I rebound some controls (not sure if that’s related or not), and now see a ton of missing string entries in the Controls section where the control type would normally be written. What’s especially odd is, I’m seeing entries like this too for controls I never rebound! Example of what they say: missing string str_usract_zoom_optics So it says this instead of I’m guessing just “Zoom Optics.” There are a bunch of these everywhere. But as I said above, I’m seeing it also for keys I never touched, for example, all of the gesture entries F8-F12. When adding a bind to these missing string entries, the error in the section doesn’t go away (they don’t get renamed). Not sure if this is a known bug. Either way, how can I make it go away? I’m thinking I might just reinstall (verifying game cache didn’t help), but I’ll want to rebind controls after reinstalling as well. Does anyone have any insight on this?