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  1. @Mantasisg Yeah...that's really sad,when people talking about survive,but exit when night comes,or rain. :(
  2. Today! But dayz in 2011-2013 years. In this years are wasn't these scopes fastening.
  3. Hello! I remember when were 0.61 and 0.60 patches,and sometimes was heavy rain. Really heavy,can't see through this rain. Why in .62 not heavy rain? Please,add this heavy rain back! This is was so awesome! This is was a big feature,and i'm so sad what this heavy rain is gone. It was really atmoshperic and beutiful. Who want heavy rain too? There is a screenshots:
  4. Yeah,i hate this too. People just can't survive in real hard conditions. People are just pvp,or just noobs. People don't want to survive...and this is so sad. And many people hate rain and night...just idiots,but i agree with this post.
  5. I like what post. Now game is too easy. Make game more hardcore,and game will be reborn.
  6. Yes! I mean that,but no way winter!
  7. Hello everyone! I remember when 0.62 was only coming on exp.branch and grass was really good,but sometimes are really white. Now grass are maybe is suitable for a new colors of Chernarus,but old grass was better,that's my opinion. Grass now are so green and yellow. What you think to change colors of grass to more white?
  8. @Mantasisg In real life to find M4,AK-74 or other military weapon is unreal. But in DayZ Military weapon is a very much. And Players play only pvp. DayZ Can't make them survive. Because is so easy.
  9. @Mantasisg I play only on Full servers. I don't have troubles to find M4 or AK-74 or AKM and 3-2 magazines and ammo for these weapons. I play only at Private Servers. I hate play ONLY pvp. This is so boring.
  10. @Mantasisg I don't know what are you mean,and this post isn't trolling...What i'm wrote in this post - true.
  11. Hello everyone! We (I'm with my friends and,i think,with community) want to ask you about hardcore in DayZ,in particular in .63,beta no matter how. Yes,not in future,concretly in .63 patch will be more hardcore,or will be how it now: you can find m4 and many,many ammo and magazines for every weapon for a hour. This is not realistic,this is are make people not safe them life,because if they die - they can easy find this equipment again. Zombie apocalypse must be hardcore,but no in no way too easy. Make people safe and appreciate them life. This will be really great. I know, i just the one player with opinion,and this is not mean anything...but...though about it. In DayZ people must survive,but not are only play PVP. And at last: Gamma in .63 will be off,or will be not changed? This is really big disbalance. I had play 1500 hours in DayZ and don't want to stop. This game is my favourite.But i don't give a sense of danger more. And this is not because i'm played 1500 hours and know this game. No...this is not it. Do defecite of ammo,magazines,eat - MAKE people survive! Please..add hardcore,not a little bit in 0.63. I just boring of this gameplay,when you just play PVP game,and game no way can't make you to survive...I want to survive in this game,but not JUST play DayZ.