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  1. Too loud wind.

    I have a headphones A4TECH BLOODY G500. GUYS! This it's not about the headphones or equipment, but the thing is in the wind, I had everything in order with the sound, and so far everything is fine, but the sound of the wind is too loud and constant, because of that it's terrible. Wind in .61 and .60 patches was really better. Because it's wasn't constant.The wind is constantly blowing, it's not realistic at all.
  2. Too loud wind.

    Yes,i pretty sure what this is not soundcard or something. This is too loud and not realistic volume of wind.
  3. Grass,that was on exp.branch .62 patch.

    I mean that grass today - multi-colored, but not green-gray, which was on exp.branch, and this grass ( what now using((colors)) ) are..is sorry for this word - sh*t. I wanted to return the grass, which was on exp.branch.
  4. Grass,that was on exp.branch .62 patch.

    Okey,Guys. But DayZ was really have grim atmosphere when was before .60 patch. And this is was awesome. But anyway,do you like grass,that was on exp.branch,rather than now? I like more grass that was on exp.branch.
  5. Grass,that was on exp.branch .62 patch.

    What? These images was on exp.branch of DayZ,from official developers. And what are you think about turn back this grass? And do you like that grass,what was before (that grass,what on images)?
  6. Hello! I Hello! I want to ask you about the grass, of course I will seem to you a person who believes that it was better before, but here it really is. The grass what was in exp.branch .62 to be actually better, it was not as colorful as it is now, it was absolutely normal. I mean field grass, but grass in the forests is absolutely normal, but still it would be worthwhile not to change much, not to do so green. Just now, the dais seems multicolored, without the atmosphere and the atmosphere of autumn (I mean the grass, the trees are made perfectly) Too much color. DayZ does not seem like a game about the zombie apocalypse in the fall, but it seems like a game about the iridescent atmosphere and with bright colors, rather than a depressing atmosphere. What i mean concretely: https://itmag.es/5IMA1 https://itmag.es/3WYM4 https://itmag.es/4gzb4 https://itmag.es/387zE https://itmag.es/6iy9e
  7. Too loud wind.

  8. Too loud wind.

    Hello! When .62 patch coming on exp. brach,I did not like this wind from the beginning, it was annoying and very loud. What do you think? I remember when in .61 patch the wind was not so loud and was not constant, and it was very cool and atmospheric, not as it is now. Now when this loud wind begins, irritation begins.
  9. Hello! I want to ask you about old clouds. There is a screenshots: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126969 I like these black-blue clouds more than just grey,like it now. Black-blue clouds looks more atmospheric and authentethic
  10. Heavy rain.

    What? I said what you right,what are people suck when they facing real threat. Where did you see double standarts? I like hardcore,and i agree with this: "But hey it is smart to log-off, or switch server - you win, you survive, avoid so much trouble".
  11. Heavy rain.

    @Mantasisg Yeah...that's really sad,when people talking about survive,but exit when night comes,or rain. :(
  12. new live for old scopes

    Today! But dayz in 2011-2013 years. In this years are wasn't these scopes fastening.
  13. Heavy rain.

    Hello! I remember when were 0.61 and 0.60 patches,and sometimes was heavy rain. Really heavy,can't see through this rain. Why in .62 not heavy rain? Please,add this heavy rain back! This is was so awesome! This is was a big feature,and i'm so sad what this heavy rain is gone. It was really atmoshperic and beutiful. Who want heavy rain too? There is a screenshots: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126954
  14. Noobs Hate Rain

    Yeah,i hate this too. People just can't survive in real hard conditions. People are just pvp,or just noobs. People don't want to survive...and this is so sad. And many people hate rain and night...just idiots,but i agree with this post.
  15. The theory of everything

    I like what post. Now game is too easy. Make game more hardcore,and game will be reborn.