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  1. Stress Test vol.34

    The devs seemed to think differently just 3 days ago:
  2. Stress Test vol.34

    Wait, so fishing will not even be in 1.0? Did I understand that correctly?
  3. Stress Test vol.34

    as always, it weeks, not months.
  4. Pretty much... The announcements from late 2017 sounded like an early 2018 beta release ("we don't quite manage before christmas, but it will come out asap next year"). Now it feels like we are already again another year behind even that schedule...
  5. Stress Test vol.33

    Yeah because every game is as bad and broken as DayZ... right... And great, they have some data now to work on this new problem, so in a while (weeks?) we might actually get to test this content update. The thing is that people have been waiting to finally get some positive sign from the development apart from plans outlined in the SRs, and this content update is what many thought might be that. So far its just another disappointment, and apart from these new performance and battleeye issues, features like jumping which they worked on a lot seem to still suck somehow... "Weeks, not months"......
  6. Stress Test vol.33

    Eh well, I guess it would be nice if some things were working and all tests wouldnt completely fail as they seem to do now.... Still waiting for anything they do actually turn out good in the end, not sure it's gonna happen...
  7. Stress Test vol.32

    Hm... wasn't one of the main points with the new engine that it should be much easier now to implement new content? Much easier to fix bugs? So is that what we are seeing now?
  8. Stress Test vol.32

    So this was a content update, why is nobody talking about the new content? How is it?
  9. I will definitely be back to test it. But I think the chances are high that even people who are positive now are ultimately gonna be disappointed by 1.0,as it basically still doesn't contain a lot of gameplay, mainly he things that were there all along might be working better... But feel also free to prove me wrong.
  10. Can dozens of people go to the same apple tree, all around the year, and pick as many apples the want? no? All houses looted for food, but nobody took the apples? Besides that, its just stupid and not fun as the first thing you do in the game to go there and spam F until you have everything full of apples, what kind of gameplay is that?
  11. Very one-sided view on things, but what else to expect here. You just believe every excuse and are blindly optimistic that everything is gonna be great in the end. It's always "the next patch" when the issues are finally gonna be fixed. Sorry, but that is simply the definition of a fanboy. Also whenever you criticize anything in this forum, everything you get is an answer is always "you dont know anything about game development" (as if most of the fanboys here really would), and then a long list of excuses why the game is not really improving. You know, the average player does not give a damn why stuff is not happening, the problem is that it isnt, there is only this neverending promise that things will be fine in the end. There are hundreds of games whose development has gone better than DayZ, so I dont really care if some people think there are good reasons why DayZ still sucks. p.s. The main problem isnt even that .63 is not coming this year, the main problem is that .63 has even less features than .62 and no mentionable new gameplay elements, mainly that stuff that has been there for years supposedly is gonna work better - we'll see about that.
  12. .63 ETA ?

    Well this is just stupid. Some other games like, for example Elite Dangerous, have some small cosmetic addons to buy for people who like them. So somebody might buy a "brazil hoodie" or whatever if we likes. But to add all 22 available Hoodies to the basket, which adds to over 100 dollars, and somehow claiming that you would need all of those to "get the full H1Z1 experience", when the basegame costs a mere 20 dollars, is juts childish. You are behaving like the typical DayZ Fanboy.
  13. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    Is it? What is huge about this status report? https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-29-august-2017
  14. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    This is actually a good video which has a good balance between appropriate expectations and doubt. If things work out like in this video, I am all open to really start playing again. But after what I have seen, I am totally against celebrating it as long as we just see videos of it. There have been "too good" announcements before. Sure, things look smooth and responsive in the video, but they also do in the live version when you play on an empty server with a good connection. If I the first time log into a 30-40 pop people server in 0.63 and everything is unresponsive, lagging and what not, then I will probably just uninstall for good. But I am all open for a positive surprise, let's see how it turns out.
  15. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    So what will you say in case it does not fix many, or even any of those? I think that is at least a real possibility. And I am quite sure then many people will just write exactly those kind of sentences but replace 0.63 with 0.64, as has happened many times before....