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  1. Dayz INS server/shogun un just ban

    Shogun has falsely accused me of cheating and had me banned from many servers. this is on Bohemia to correct and have justified or they will be losing a large and loyal customer. It is a battle eye wide ban. Bohemia owns the game therefore I hold them accountable to either correct this or refund the $60+ spent on the game that I can not play
  2. I was recently banned from not only the INS server but many others and tagged as a cheater because I hurt the admins feelings by calling him out on things he has been doing that are not fair to other players. Because I did this I was deemed a cheater....... I have no idea of how to cheat nor would I. I did enjoy the game before the admin politics and catering to certain players came into affect. Now I cant join any server at all. I paid money for this game through steam and if I am not allowed to play it I want a refund! I didnt sign up for a crooked admin labeling players cheaters that have no knowledge of even how to. Shogun of the INS server is the only cheat around and a word of warning to all on his servers, dont call him on his b.s. because you will be the only one suffering after so just bend over and take it!!! Should this not be corrected I will delete every bohemia game I ever "bought" and never purchase another ever again!