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  1. How do you deal with breakups?

    What I do is I just is I just focus on one thing and put all my energy towards it to keep my mind off of the breakup. Try to focus on self improvement by picking up new hobbies/activities. Going to the gym and eating right is something I force myself to do and it helps you feel better throughout the day. If you don't know where/what to learn you can always just go to sites like Udemy and pick a random course that interests you haha.. (or if you wanna focus on school and excel in your classes you can go to sites like KhanAcademy/StudyPug(paid) and grind out the examples in a textbook). I find doing math problems gets in into the 'zone' and I forget about everything that's happening around me.
  2. Only a dream

  3. Feedback in game

    That would make a pretty good way for players to send in simple feedbacks, like telling what the players like or dislike. There are games that I played which uses similar mechanics, like /bug in chat to send a simple report. But I'm worried these systems cannot provide enough information for a proper bug report. Not sure how Subnautica developers handle bug reports. The feedback screen, from what I see, is a bit too simplified, and limits to 190 characters (?). Of course this would make the feedback process easier for players, but I think for bug / framerate related feedback, the report needs to be more detailed than just a screenshot and couple sentences. For most of the games I played, there has to be some kind of bug report thread in forums/feedback ticket. The current bug report system works pretty well IMO, as players can list out the steps to reproduce the bug and attach screenshots/videos as they wish. Another benefit of using a thread like system is that devs can reply to such reports and request for further information or response. Communication is important in a development process, so is it in feedbacks. So I think even if a similar system exists, there must also be some kind of report thread system in the net. Then, I wouldn't want the devs to bother implementing this right now.
  4. ONE Thing You Want Most!

    Bacon strips, my love. Not the canned ones, not the steaks. Simply, bacon strips.
  5. Reasons for "Mostly Negative"?

    Let's face it. We all know in the bottom of our heart that arguments on the internet never settles. If you are playing DayZ right now and enjoying it, no amount of negative reviews in Steam, YouTube or Twitch should make you enjoy less of it. If, somehow, others' negative comments are affecting one's gameplay experience in any way, perhaps one should care less about what strangers on the internet thinks and just enjoy the game one loves. When a game comes out, people who choose to buy it have expectations. Not all expectations are realistic though, for example, expecting an early access game to be completely "bug free" (even finished games have bugs). Those whose expectations align with the game's current state stays, while the others leave or refund. Are all negative reviews unjustified though? I think not. DayZ has been out for more than 3 and a half years. 3 and a half years is a long period of time. One can go from entering college to preparing to graduate within 3 and a half years. Has DayZ grown in this time? Certainly yes. But is the growth enough? It depends on who you ask. There are players who love this game as much as you and I do, but still decide to quit and leave a "negative review", simply because they have been waiting too long, and they don't see what they have expected. I respect their decision, and I don't think they are "stupid", "impatient", "judgemental scums". Things happen, and life goes on. DayZ is in its early access, which means we players are all participating in the development process. If one thinks he can't see the future of the game, and decides to leave a negative comment, just let them go. For those who compare PUBG and DayZ, that's completely fine. You spend money to buy a game, and (suprisingly) to a lot of people, 30 bucks is quite a lot to spend on a game. If you have to choose between two games, you would and should compare them both. DayZ has it's strengths and weaknesses, so does PUBG. People have many reasons to justifying supporting their favourite game. Of course there are lots of baised comparisons on the internet. That's just how things are. And one can't change that, no matter how hard one try. Afterall, we shouldn't be worried about the number of "negative reviews" DayZ has. If you're worried that these reviews will negatively impact the game in any way, you shouldn't. That's the developers' job, to imporve the game's public image,whatsoever. What we should be working on is to help improve the game, by sending in bug reports, suggestions, and support, to the developers. That's our part in this early access development process. And, adding fuel to the never ending flamming arguments on the internet is not part of that. Happy surviving!
  6. Suggestion to improve gameplay experience: spawning sickness

    I can see why OP's solution is quite aggressive against the spawned player, given the experience he had. While it's important to prevent players from abusing the spawn mechanic, I think it's also important to protect regular players from other spawn-camping players. Like what WOLFGEIST mentioned, there really isn't a clear solution to the problem. Here's my idea of a spawn mechanic "fix". For players logging in, they will be put into a countdown screen, and if other players exist within a certain radius (does not mention the actual distance or number of players though) from the supposed spawn, they will be notified of potential "danger", and have a choice to spawn elsewhere (or quit) within the countdown period. For the players already logged in, if another player is attempting to spawn within a certain radius (actual distance also hidden), they will receive an alert message telling them someone is attempting to spawn. But the existing player will not be notified if the attempting player actually spawns. This way, warnings are provided to both parties, while protecting their interests. The existing players can be notified of potential danger (like OP's case), while players logging in have the choice to spawn at a safe distance.
  7. gameplay over realism or other way around?

    Realism is certainly favorable, especially in survival games. I'd even say survival games should be based around realism, for my preference. But I think sometimes realism has to be sacrifised, more or less, to enable an enjoyable gameplay. So a mix of both is fine.
  8. Recommendations For A PC

    For a budget of $1500 you can go for a pretty high end build for your PC. But again, it depends on what hardware you already have in hand, and what new hardware you'll need (say, a new monitor if you're using a laptop now). In general, you would like to get the best processors you can afford in your budget and build around them. That is, the choice for your CPU and GPU. The DayZ engine seems to be CPU intensive, so don't cheap out on your CPU (like I did, unfortunately). AMD's Ryzen CPU lineup looks promising with good price-to-performance ratio. And make sure you check for compatibility between hardware when shopping for parts (most importantly your motherboard and power supply unit). HaseDesTodes's recommendation above is very detailed, you can follow his advice. But it would be much better if you could tell us what hardware you already have in hand, as many PC builds start with reusing old hardware. And to check for prices, I use https://pcpartpicker.com/ when building new systems, as they give an organized overview of prices. But it only works in a list of countries, so hope it works for you.
  9. How did this happen?

    Isn't that how most "end of the world" situations are depicted? With the end of the world, people don't get to collaborate but grows distrust against each other... Even if the devs decide to make the Zeds more of a threat, it still wouldn't change the fact that a lot of MP players' intention is to kill other players. But after all, I think this can still be "realistic". If there was to be a pandemic outbreak and Zeds roam the world, the survivors would be those who are used to killing, to survive as an individual. Society would revert back to hunter-gatherer groups, before villages and "collaboration". I guess now matter how strong the Zeds can be, they are still viewed as lesser of a creature. It's less rewarding for someone to kill hundreds of Zeds, than to eliminate a group of human players.
  10. Best Advice for new players

    I found couple kid that sound just like a girls for the past few week, and I got tricked :( Also, I am a loner that's why I got tricked so easily