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    Game development - Version tracking.

    How are game versions managed? With different specialists working on different aspects of the game what methods are used to ensure you are releasing the latest version of all updated aspects so that nothing is overwritten or left out? I’ve noticed little changes that appear to be missing but worked perfectly fine on previous versions. For example, the striking match animation, the hand drill animation, the stacking firewood in the inventory issue, the gun sound issue to name a few. Also different doors resetting to closed after restart, some that were closed are now open and visa versa. It must be very difficult to ensure every specialist’s completed work is gathered into one version for release. How do you achieve that? My head hurts when trying to ensure one version of a spread sheet stays correct.
  2. TrojanWarriorFTQ

    New Actions & Crafting

    Please add maximum hot bar keys at the start (10 at all times). While i understand the early plan was to find better clothes to increase hot bar slots it makes no sense to have only 4 to begin with. Jeans and hoodie - 6 pockets. Increase it to a capped 10 and so we spend less time in the inventory and altering our preferred allocations. Crafting - some items that have more options, eg base building kit requires a mouse wheel scroll to change. Other items eg building walls requires left click to change. Why not have one system and stick to it. Mouse wheel / d pad to change is preferable. OCD - Items do not go to the slot where the item was originally placed unless it has no where else to go or it is dragged to it. This means more time in the inventory moving it where you want it. Often it will also fill a hole meaning the item in your hands can no longer fit into the place it came from. Eg Hotkey lockpick from pants, use lock pick. Hotkey ump, lock pick goes to back pack. Hotkey rags (cannot take to hand) because UMP slots are filled by lock pick. When items are moved to a place have them lock to that place. Inventory lags - often items cannot move at all. I have discovered that waiting for 5 second allows you to move them around or out of your inventory. Maybe use a click to highlight item and a click to move item to feature. This removes the need to drag reducing the time spent in inventory. Have a space labelled drop to floor (vicinity) so you can click to highlight and click to drop to floor. This method can also be used for crafting / mixing with other items.
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    The colour choices for the stamina capacity and current level of stamina are not distinct enough. It’s not easy to see the difference. Perhaps darken the level bar. Perhaps add a sound that indicates the player is about to fully deplete his stamina. A sound that is distinguished from any other sound used during sprinting. This way zero his users are aware of their players stamina level. A static, heavily laden, player should not be affected by his kit weight when he wishes to aim and hold his breath. A player should still be able to steady his scope except for when he has just stopped sprinting. Currently you cannot hold your breath when your inability to run or jump has been reached.
  4. TrojanWarriorFTQ

    Character Movement, Gestures and Actions

    Please reintroduce the military salute and the face palm. Gestures are also used to simulate players feelings and I feel there aren’t enough currently. Adding a list that players can customise to a short list would be an improvement. Respect - military salute, tap chest with fist, clap hands, OK ?? hand gesture Happy - punch the air, throw a kiss, dancing, air guitar with gun, thumb up Unhappy - crying, face palm, point to mouth (need food), tip hand near mouth (need drink). Angry - shake fist, middle finger, up yours Also, pointing has lost its value because it no longer points to where you want it to. Can’t point to floor / to sky, for example. Reintroduce toggle lean so you aren’t restricted to holding Q or E while aiming and moving. Introduce toggle jog and toggle walk (not toggle sprint). There’s no reason to hold down W if you want to travel long distances. Us older gits with arthritis in our hands really struggle to hold the keys for so long.
  5. TrojanWarriorFTQ

    Status Indicators in the HUD

    Giving beans for keeping it simple. Green would be a better visual aid than white for a “healthy” status. It’s global recognised colour when used with amber and red. Green is good. Arrows up should always mean good and arrows down should always mean bad. The bacterial icon increases up when drinking dirty water. This goes against the up is a good condition and down is a bad condition and can be confusing. I see that stomach gurgles for red hungry and groans for red thirsty have now been added. This is a great notification for those that wish to play without icons. More beans to you.
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    Stress Test vol.50

    Please more than one hour **flutters eyelashes
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    Exp Update 0.63.148815

    I was looking for a mention about hit reg On both players and zombies.
  8. This is a positive news release, dudes. We are eager and keen to get this show on the road.
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    Internal testing of the new content update 23/07/2018

    Ho hum. I wish I knew what stabilisation optimisations were in relation to the actual game.
  10. TrojanWarriorFTQ

    Maintenance changes

    Storage folders won't be wiped (items, tents, vehicles, etc.). ??????
  11. TrojanWarriorFTQ

    Armband Dyeing

    It's a mysterious art. There are no definitive how-to's on the web. I've seen the pretty colour wheel but its not easy to understand. The easiest colour chart to follow is this http://www.dayztv.com/pic/dayz-armband-color-recipes-many-colors/ BUT It's doesn't mention about bleaching first, which isn't mentioned in most posts I've found about the subject. Things I've tried: -Water level 55 litres (quarter full). Starting to colour with 6RB/6BB and 10 unbleached arm bands plus other items inside. No result. Bleaching 10 arm bands with one full bottle then starting to colour with 6RB/6BB and 10 bleached arm bands plus other items inside. No result. With one armband from the bleaching above and starting to colour with 6RB/6BB plus other items inside. No result. With same arm band starting to colour with 5RB/5RB and no items in barrel. No result. I need to know: 1) Is there a limit to the number of armbands that can be dyed with one full disinfectant bottle? Maybe only some of them were bleached? 2) Do you have to colour one arm band at a time? 3) Does the amount of water in the barrel affect the process like it does with tanning leather? If so how much is needed? 4) If the amount of ingredients shown is 6 red berries, 6 blue berries is this only for one arm band? Do you multiply ingredients by 2 if you colour two arm bands? 5) Do you need to remove all other non-related items from the barrel before bleaching and colouring? 7) When colour clothes option is selected the barrel lid cannot be opened. After 1 minute it can. Is this the completion of the process? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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    To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    Well said, Baroness. We, The Queen's Guard, who have pledged to protect the peaceful village community and its allies, salute you all!
  13. TrojanWarriorFTQ

    Cammo military building.

    @Funkmaster Rick, you sir are a pleasure to read. I would go to war with you any day of the week. Notice I said "with" and not against.
  14. Would you buy a Ford car? I wouldn't but there are people that will. Do you like chocolate ice-cream? I don't, some people love it. You will never know if it's any good until you try it yourself. I love DayZ. No other game I have played gives the same physical, visual, oral and mental impact. Spotting a player while you are in a military location after you have survived and carry a week's worth of loot over hundreds of kilometres is quite simply heart stopping. The decision making, the planning, the daily tasks you give yourself, it's like a second life. I bought the Stand-alone after searching for answers to "GTA5 or DayZ?". After two youtube videos I made my decision. Yes, there are bugs but even the multi-million pound releases from EA have bugs. People gripe about those all the time. You want some cake? I can only tell you how good it is, you have to eat it yourself.
  15. TrojanWarriorFTQ

    Barrel Lids

    Community, Please can anyone confirm the event required to open a barrel lid. Is it only player interaction? As far as I am aware this is only player action "open lid". I have been told barrel lids will open after (8) days of no player interaction and things will start to despawn. Can anybody provide any more knowledge on this?
  16. TrojanWarriorFTQ

    Barrel Lids

    Thanks guys. I thought I enabled notifications so sorry or the delay. Still no closer it seems but its most likely that lids will only open by player action "open lid".