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  1. @Funkmaster Rick, you sir are a pleasure to read. I would go to war with you any day of the week. Notice I said "with" and not against.
  2. Would you buy a Ford car? I wouldn't but there are people that will. Do you like chocolate ice-cream? I don't, some people love it. You will never know if it's any good until you try it yourself. I love DayZ. No other game I have played gives the same physical, visual, oral and mental impact. Spotting a player while you are in a military location after you have survived and carry a week's worth of loot over hundreds of kilometres is quite simply heart stopping. The decision making, the planning, the daily tasks you give yourself, it's like a second life. I bought the Stand-alone after searching for answers to "GTA5 or DayZ?". After two youtube videos I made my decision. Yes, there are bugs but even the multi-million pound releases from EA have bugs. People gripe about those all the time. You want some cake? I can only tell you how good it is, you have to eat it yourself.
  3. Thanks guys. I thought I enabled notifications so sorry or the delay. Still no closer it seems but its most likely that lids will only open by player action "open lid".
  4. Community, Please can anyone confirm the event required to open a barrel lid. Is it only player interaction? As far as I am aware this is only player action "open lid". I have been told barrel lids will open after (8) days of no player interaction and things will start to despawn. Can anybody provide any more knowledge on this?