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  1. Fun comes in many forms: some prefer to fight the pitch black night in the buggy Arma 2 engine. Night vision, flares, flashlights. There is a whole arsenal of different tactics at night. NV people arent invicible either. The "fun" is limited to your imagination. For example: I pinned 4 guys on the roof of Balota firestation roof with an SA85. Did not try to kill them, just keep their heads down. And they werent some fresh noobs either: seasoned veterans with mil-spec gear. Must admit, they got me a couple of times, but never killed me. And Btw: nights GET so dark that fast in reality. In Middle East like Saudi-Arabia, I hear its like a light switch: 2 min and poof. Further towards the poles, it takes longer. One tactic for night time fighting is to know favored camp points in towns and position yourself with a line of sight. Then throw a flare between you and the camp site and just wait for some movement. Give them a scare :)
  2. And before people get butthurt and calling me a hoarder: all screws were given to base builders. 8 screws were looted by 2 bandit team. Lost 2 boxes due to a backpack glitch tho. I farmed for 4 days (16 restarts) and totaled 23 boxes. I farmed different locations to access density and respawn rates. No. 1: Berez trainstation and docks No.2: Solnicnoye and factory No.3: Cherno/electro industrial complexes.
  3. I did some farming for screws at UK420 Vanilla+ Berezino Trainyard and avaraged 5 screws per full day (4 restarts). Over a 4 day period, my total was 23 boxes, including 2 I got from the lumbermill and surrounding buildings. And I did not lurk round carefully, this was pretty much constant rotation between warehouses and trains. And the Berezino trainyard has the highest concentration of ANY industrial complex: about 50 spawnpoints in 500m radius. Solnicnoye and factory comes second and Cherno/Electro comes third by density. This is a very low return. As of now, Berez trainstation is over-run with bandits looking to farm negative humanity. That makes collecting screws there pretty much useless!
  4. With the 1.8.9 patch you need screws to build bases. I get it, its a logical step and keeps survival looting going What I dont get is the removal of trains? Industrials share spawn with car repair parts and other consumables. Making the spawnrate of screws incredibly low. I did a statistical farming and got 10 boxes of screws for 50 boxes of nails. And yes, NAILS still spawn aswell. This amount was after 2 days (8 server restarts) of constant rotation around in an area. This statistic was made on UK420 Vanilla+ server with added locations in Berezino Trainyard+docks. With the highest concentration of any industrial loot place: 4 big warehouses, 6 shacks and 12 traincars in 500m radius. Total about 50 possible lootspawns. Also, the spawns rotated 2 times per refresh, making the possible spawn rate 1/200. On a server with humanity system, there is an incentive for bandit level farming. This concentrates players to a few areas and increases the rate of bandits simply KOS for negative humanity. Base building should not be easy, but making the parts spawn in areas that will be abused for other game mechanics kind of defeats the porpoise. How can you loot, if you get killed KOS for negative humanity and you find maybe 1-2 boxes of screws after a LONG time. Its not even an effective survival looting balance for players who kill for loot either Its not the case of the system being bad. Its a case of balance. Return trains or up the screw spawn rates for warehouses to spread out the risks. Bandits/KOS looters should work for the negative humanity/possible loot too!
  5. The problem was with the Steam 1.8.8 semi-patch. Mod creators rolled out a security update via Steam before 1.8.9. I downloaded 1.8.9 client files from the forums and everything works again. Servers have yellow question mark icons, but they work
  6. Hello Steam updated Dayz Mod yesterday and all servers went red. Kicked when connecting After fiddiling to 1.8.8, I could get to the lobby, but after 1-2 seconds I would get kicked. Smaller mission files would load and I could even get to recevieving but then still kicked Downloaded the clientfiles from the forum, still the same thing. All servers have yellow dot with question mark. Only difference is: I run 1.6.3 and the requirement is patch. What is the deal, people? All addons have 1.8.9 keys, Keys folder has 1.8.9 key...
  7. Hello Totally new to DayZ and the Arma universe. Downloaded last friday and enjoyed DayZ over weekend Today, Steam decided to update DayZ while starting.... and all servers are incompatible. I detect them, but get kicked almost immediatly. Uninstalled, cleaned everything. Nothing Server info show I have 1.6.3, the server is running Deleted @Dayz from OA folder and downloaded 1.8.8 through DayZLauncher. Now I can join the lobby, but during mission download I get kicked. Cant get a newer version, cant match server requirements. Hope there is a fix rolling out for it soon