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  1. I understand that, and it's not all accents but the Norwegian accent in specific as it's pretty obnoxious, and som times not even understandable. and just wanted to disclaim that I'm not one of them.
  2. Looking to create or join a squad of people That speak fluid English/ American, are 18 or above, and that can be both friendly and tactical when it comes down to it. I'm looking for someone that are high to medium experienced, someone that doesn't always shoot on sight but can coordinate in a tactical encounter/ battle when it comes down to it. And that can have a fun time chatting whilst on an adventure. I am 18 and from Norway, but I speak fluid American English and do not carry the awful Norwegian accent that so many other Norwegians do. I consider myself to be a pretty experienced player as I have in excess of 500 hours played. I am a guy that will try to speak and interact with players depending on me and my team's situation, and return fire if engaged. I will also however coordinate an attack if I find people with high military gear/ weaponry that oppose to much of a threat to me and my comrades. Comment or send me a message if you or your group are interested in joining me, il Message you my steam and Discord account and we can have a blast talking, and playing the game that I already love and still have so many expectations for.
  3. [US] Looking for a buddy or two.

    I`m interested. you sond like a stand up guy and i would gladly join your grupe. iv got 443hours in game, im 18, from Norway, but sound like im 40 and american. i speek flouid English and i occationaly play with some other Americans. Hit me up if you wana Team.
  4. UK - Looking for 0.62 experimental buddy

    Still looking for someone? Im 18, from Norway but evryone says i sound American and like 40, if your interested.