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  1. lol maybe that is what he wanted, he walked away then I started walking the way I was going (opposite as him) then he shot me in the back
  2. we should play sometime, you could show me the ropes
  3. I'm definitely lost on the map so far
  4. I just found my first live player in DayZ, I had just spawned, hadn't even seen a house yet then here comes this dude all decked out with gear, shoots me (leg breaks) then executes me. All I had on me was what I spawned with.
  5. I've had PUB since it went on sale, good game!
  6. How old are you?

  7. I'm liking it really well so far! Have to get use to the map and where everything is.
  8. Just purchased the game, lol, couldn't take it anymore
  9. I'm willing to deal with bugs, I've early access on several other games currently. I think my big fear with this is the slow development may turn into no development/abandonment of the project. I may take the plunge and go ahead and pick it up as it looks like a lot of fun, and I know that many say only play in a group but I don't have anyone on pc to play it with so I will have to solo it. $35 would definitely be better that $60 but I have been hoping as well to catch it on sale on steam but I haven't caught it yet. Picked up Arma 3 a few weeks ago and have some of the zombie mods but I haven't found anything yet that I like that much yet, it's ok just not enough to keep me interested. I built my first custom gaming pc a few months ago and am trying to get a nice library of games going. I've played a lot of battlegrounds and I like it fairly well.
  10. I'm here with the same dilemma, have had this game in my cart for a while now but the reviews have made me leery of purchasing the game. It looks like so much fun but I don't want to purchase this and it end up with development being terminated. Been watching a lot of Baby Nades videos and I really like what I have seen
  11. So is this game still worth picking up? All the bad reviews on steam have made me leery of purchasing this game.