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  1. Persistance

    Boom just had a look at the server controls and ticked the little box with persistant time beside it ! Hopefully that will solve the problem with the tent Thanks Radibor! Fin
  2. Persistance

    Im unsure about the persistance enabled or disabled factors it is my server and i am with gamingdeluxe i had a little look at the variables and cannot see how i can change it.............. Loving being back running from the Zombies tho! Fin
  3. Persistance

    Thanks bud !
  4. Persistance

    Hi guys So i have a private server and am enjoying running up and down the countryside dodgeing the zeds once again............... I Found and put down a large military tent put some stuff in it and after a few days it was gone....... After a bit of reading i see that oil drums and cars and trucks seem to hold stuff forever? Can anybody give me there thoughts over storage and "persistance" as it stands in game atm? Thanks loads Fin