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  1. Enough of Cheaters

    Hello everyone, I decided to make this post after being unfair killed in Public servers for 3 times. First of all I got to explain the facts: 2 of this 3 times I was on full green guillie suit. The 3 times in different places but lying on the ground under a pine tree after ensure I´m completely hide by several 3pp views of my own. One of this times even with an SVD expecting to play a little sniper but without getting noticed (not any noise or any life signs arround) get Killed by: 1st) Get bombed with a greanade. 2nd) Single shoot (sounds like low caliber. Many strange being hidden and wearing helmet). 3rd) Single melee attack (wearing plate carrier pristine clothes & helmet) For 3 times the same, I was Healthy and quite sure there is no one spotting me before hide becuase I let my Character in the place from another low population server. I don´t know how many difficult can be for programmers to deal with this people but they really got to find a way to solve this problem before beta. I expended more than a week per character making RP to play fair PvP and this is really dissapointing :S In the mean time I will swap to private servers with active admins (even downloaded a recording app) to avoid this cheaters or just denounce when see them. Many thanks for reading & have a good day.