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  4. So a friend and I have been brainstorming an idea of a different kind of DayZ RP. A while back there was a DayZ RP server called Crossroad Factions.. Basically there were trading zones, red zones, and faction territory. Usually the red zone would be a popular military base and a trade zone would be in a very populated high traffic area like green mountain etc.. You would start off your Faction by applying on said server's website and describing what your faction is what they are about and what kind of play style you would be. When this faction is approved you can them claim a territory where you can place tents and other players wont be able to steal from them and you can make the rules of your territory whether it be no pants or KOS in zone.. For example you could make a group of cannibals who are nothing but cold blooded bandits, or vice versa and make a hero squad. The server would be a private white listed 1pp server. You would apply on the servers website with a template like most servers. There will be a set of rules and guide lines and it wont be to strict but not too lenient because i would like to have this server be very RP based and not so much PvP based. There will be server events like "Faction Wars" where we set an area up where a faction can fight for rewards or such. That is a basic general idea of what the server would be. My friend and I are planning this out this is just a start we are willing to pay for a Private 1PP server if we know we will have a following and have some more of a player base to start it up. Please reply with some suggestions this server is for the players so your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If you like the idea please post below and let me know. I am posting this hear to see if players like this idea. Thank you for your time. - Graffilton