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  1. Help. Servers.

    First time (trying to play) DayZ Mod player. Last night no servers showed up in the in game server browser, but servers were under Maintenance according to this site, so I thought #Okay#. Today the site says servers are up and running. I went to the in game server browser and there are still no servers. Can anyone help? I have filters open to everything. Including high ping.
  2. Adaptive V-Sync

    Yeah. The new DOOM has it. A couple of other games of which I can't remember the name of (unfortunately) that I played recently. I don't playing with hardware changes when it's not necessary. But as a separate option to locked v-sync. Though maybe that option was available because the game picked by hardware??? Which is NVidia. Anyway, I'd still appreciate it. :)
  3. Adaptive V-Sync

    Please add Adaptive V-Sync if possible. I have a computer that can run just about anything at full. One thing holding my pc back graphically (in games) is fixed V-Sync.