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  1. So I play Dayz and being solo is fun and all but lets face it, being solo gets old after awhile. I'm in search of a small group of players, not real big (like max 20 members). in my experience being part of a group or a clan like setting is getting to know the people and I'm certainly not going to take the time to try and meet 200 people or more. I can be a serious player, I like to mess around and make jokes, and I'm decent at the game. only issue I may have is my PC which is way low-spec so I get like 24 FPS max so I may be a big laggy but I can hold my own, my connection more than makes up for it if anyone is interested feel free to look me up on steam using my steam name drogat556. portrait is green skull. ask me questions talk to me, I am a mature player, I have a mic, TS3, Ventrilo, and discord. (I will not use skype unless a PTT function is available)