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  1. Server Crash

    Hello, well there are many guys out there who crashes servers. we have special one guy, who chrases server all the time. If we ask gameservers, they answer: Ask bohemia, if we ask Battleeye, they say us: ask bohemia. So i already write a Mod in this forum, i courios what will happen to this guys crashing servers :). We cant Ban people on public so we cant do anything (bs kicking isnt fast enough for this new crash method..). bohemia, its your turn. (currently server status on of on of, its fun that everytime this guy who is already reportet join server and 10sec after that server crash, like 20-25 times today). greetz soptan
  2. DaRT on SA - or other rcon tool?

    yeah its done :) baty just helped us :) very thank you pilgrim and baty. well Dart still dosnt work, and its not realy fast or easy, but it work :) we can kick them now. you are welcome to play on tatort chernarus :)
  3. What can we do ?

    still no answer from dev`s only 1 person tried to help, but diddnt work, so dev`s maybe its your turn, maybe a simple tool to kick ip*s ? :)
  4. What can we do ?

    thanks for your help pilgrim :) i write her a pm
  5. What can we do ?

    @ i write you a pm @ Karmicdebt no, sadly no, we only can kick names. dont know who, but somene removed like all rights for public admins, maybe it depends only to dart that its to old ? it turns out in like real work to do something against cheater and glitcher, so gamefun is f*** up :D
  6. What can we do ?

    @ IMT, yeah maybe possible, but get more reports of guy cheating in Kami, and guys in video died same time. the guy we reported joined like i said already with "kicksafe" letters and tried times more with new names, not the usuall way for ordinary players. @pilgimm, thx, where can i find the ban.txt file ? and, yes we have to should after devs... :D because we need a tool against cheater and glitcher (or at least more options)... dayz have only ~4k players left. and for real most of the community is pissed because these guys and we cant do shit against them. so "devs! devs!" please give us a mighty tool or the possibility to kick guid or ip or numbers again :)
  7. What can we do ?

    Hi there, so we have a little problem, we had a cheater, we reported him to battle eye : ########## Dear Battle eye support Team, we have busted a Cheater, reported us by a live streamer. After checking his KD and Head shot rate, and after we watched the video, we are sure that he uses at least aimbot and wallhack. https://clips.twitch.tv/Tac***********************video proof 23:31:10 | "Ѱ(uid=7************************) SHOT 534534534(uid=7*****************************) by AugSteyr into head." (admin Logs) first ingame name : "Ѱ" Second name : ԪՌט؁ ߷ࢅওઓ third name : ѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨѨ� After we saw that he tried to use special letters, we know that he is a cheater (as admins because we cant kick them) and, after he had his third name was wasnt able to kick him anymore and he continious to kill people, with heavy KD. dou you need anything else from us ? We are Admins of the dayz Standalone Game server : Tatort Chernarus. greetings ********** ************** ####### Now the problem, how can we kick him :) he uses a special letter. Dart cant kick IP*s anymore, well if dart can kick it, plese tell me how, we need to kick theese guys, swarming the server :) and yes i knw the problem to post it here... :D. We need to kick (BAN well banning them where pretty cool) greetings Soptan *edited bcs of Forum rules, sry :)*
  8. Cheaters /russian Letters

    can we ban players in the future ? i already contacted gameservers, they said i have to contact bohemia with this issue. problem is that there are so many glitchers and cheaters. we work with video proof to bust them, and parts of our community doing a great job sending videos in. But after we kick these Cheater and Textureglitcher they join again, sometimes dozens of times. using offensive language against admin team, threatens us and it is annoying to kick them so often. so will there be the option to BAN players again from the Public hive servers. Maybe only for 60+ Public servers (bcs loot farm problem). for example, this is one video from our server, we busted this guy (and we have some more) but he can rejoin aaall the time because we cant BAN annymore. Dayz is loosing more and more players because of this sry shit. and not all people wanna play the privat charts ;).
  9. Server DDOS

    ok server was DDOS again by the same guy, and we still diddnt have answer. we cant report him because nobody cares ? :) nice support
  10. Server DDOS

    Hello i reported this before, to battle eye and bohemia and our server hoster but no response. This player : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198373876581 he does this many more times than below. maybe we get a response this time. [2017-07-04 | 22:37:57] Player #15 ddddd ( connected [2017-07-04 | 22:37:58] Player #15 ddddd - GUID: bb853089ca8aac6b39a314ac5dbf7df6 [2017-07-04 | 22:37:59] Verified GUID (bb853089ca8aac6b39a314ac5dbf7df6) of player #15 ddddd [2017-07-04 | 22:38:00] Player #39 Hoss disconnected [2017-07-04 | 22:43:47] #kick ddddd [2017-07-04 | 22:43:48] Player #15 ddddd disconnected [2017-07-04 | 22:44:45] Player #54 Kapitan disconnected [2017-07-04 | 22:44:47] Player #54 Kapitan disconnected [2017-07-04 | 22:44:49] Player #54 Kapitan disconnected [2017-07-04 | 22:44:51] Player #54 Kapitan disconnected [2017-07-04 | 22:44:53] Player #54 Kapitan disconnected [2017-07-04 | 22:45:13] Connection to server was lost. Attempting to reconnect... [2017-04-27 | 23:55:12] Player #22 I WILL DDOS YOU ( connected [2017-04-27 | 23:55:13] Player #22 I WILL DDOS YOU - GUID: bb853089ca8aac6b39a314ac5dbf7df6 [2017-04-27 | 23:55:14] Verified GUID (bb853089ca8aac6b39a314ac5dbf7df6) of player #22 I WILL DDOS YOU [2017-04-27 | 23:55:33] RCon admin #0: (To I WILL DDOS YOU) [Soptan] so do it :D, i inform bohemia [2017-04-27 | 23:55:37] Player #19 Jason Unborn disconnected [2017-04-27 | 23:55:45] #kick I WILL DDOS YOU [2017-04-27 | 23:55:46] Player #22 I WILL DDOS YOU disconnected [2017-04-27 | 23:56:01] Player #11 Silver disconnected [2017-04-27 | 23:56:42] Player #10 ZaDiRa disconnected [2017-04-27 | 23:56:44] Player #10 ZaDiRa disconnected [2017-04-27 | 23:56:46] Player #10 ZaDiRa disconnected [2017-04-27 | 23:56:48] Player #10 ZaDiRa disconnected [2017-04-27 | 23:56:50] Player #10 ZaDiRa disconnected Its same player, he do this all the time, get we any help here ? Thanks :) Soptan
  11. Cheaters /russian Letters

    to Baty Alquawen, sry i diddnt safe the link, was searching how i manage to kick these guys and found a forum about that. To the others, we cant kick ip, guid and so on anymore. We only can kick Names, after bohemia decided to take away all the admin power for Publics(and there are like TONS of cheaters, glitchers ets). If anyone knows how we can kick Ips or guid, please we need this information :) . Maybe a better tool than Dart.
  12. Cheaters /russian Letters

    Hi there, So there are more and more people with russian letters we cant kick/ban on the servers. There are also forum entrys (not this forum) wich letters have to be choosen to be not get kicked from servers. Will there be a new admin tool for us to handle this problem? Thanks a lot Soptan
  13. Future of public hive servers

    well actuall its not possible to kick ID or GUID i really dont know what bohemia developers where thinking or planing do to this. and iv somebody rents a server for him and his clannies its his money, just dont join a server with "clan server autokick bla". to many rules destroy games, cause people hate to much rules, im from germany, trust me :D
  14. Future of public hive servers

    to gannon46, well you think that the main prob are loot farms in public servers? so go on and play some privates.. they also have loot farm servers conneted in ther little hives, there are private servers out there you have to pay for it to play and dont be kicked, you gear up, fill up your camp with stuff, change server and do what a big part of the community do - fight. I have more than 2600 hours of dayz xp now gannon46, and i love it to run in low to med servers, gear up, hide my bases in the woods. sometimes i play friendly but like only 20% of my game time(well we also have our "Doc's Clinic" on TS for RPG players on our public 60 server....). But most of my game time i do what most people do, gear up and fight, because its actually end game content, so the deathmatch thing you dont like. And it takes not much time to gear up as a xp player, no matter if it a public, a loot farm a private or whatever, lets be puh like max 1hour to have enough stuff and be really full equi(like full set of army clothes, army style weapon, enough ammo to outsource your loot work). Well we have big bases on some servers, not only one server, we also had biiig tent citys as our own end game style, build our own citys with like 10-15 people, farming, hunting, making clothes ets and not only once. I think we already do all what is possible in Dayz, very all. And, mostly WE are the people with better stuff that kill all and everything enter our area, because city we are in its our city until better people come and kill us. So bambis diddnt have a real chance if they are not able to get there stuff, every bambi is a threat for us, ive you are to friendly they just going to punch you in the face... no matter if its a public or private. But on Public Servers bambis can just switch to a low to med populated server, thats the thing what Publics are - Maximize the World of Dayz, - play on a 60 people server to see more often people and get shoot more often... play on a 10 people server and feel the real zombieapocalypse in pve ;) DayZ need there Public servers controlled by Admins, because Bohemia is not able to host and care for it, its like a fulltime job, well i will work for them as host for standard german € income lol. They cant handle the cheater problem, actuall there are more and more cheaters everyday again on publics, we know names and GUI of these cheaters on our server, we also have video proofs of there cheats lol, but cant do a shit against them, just kicking, yesterday i kicked some people like 25-35 times ! its anoying as fuck(sry for bad words, but it is what it is !), our community in our facebook group make cheater entrys from hour to hour... So Pleaaase let there be a real future for Public Servers Bohemia, give us our rights back, and if we are only able to ban players for like one day or maybe only for 15 mins. Publics maximize the World of dayz and game exprience a lot more than privates are able to do. Well maybe give Private Admins/Servers the chance to quick connect each other to build there real own Hive DayZ worlds and maximes there square miles. I think if there are a hive with like 20 conected Private servers with like 4500 km² (so you can switch like in public, hide bases ets) many people will be fine with that, but you have to change your spawn system a little..
  15. Future of public hive servers

    well, i play this game from the early start, i went trough all the childhood, cheater, duper probs, all experimentels build ets pp... bohemia destroys the game by taking us our admin rights(just look steam charts since public admins not able do ban cheaters), they are not able to get this problem byself, they neeeeed us to help them. and if they really close most publics and run publics by theirself (so without admin to controll servers) and only privates are controlled by admin, game is broken. This game is only running because of public servers. The Private communitys are to small and to closed, with just to many rules etc(++ its absoult impossible ive there is a 5 players squad every evening in tisy, stary ets, and shoot all they can, for new players to get the whole map, this is only possible in public), i have actuall like 5 characters on different privates, but my heard is in public, and ive they run public servers only by their self they will loose like 30-50% of players, so game will be broken. Well because the Duper public admins blabla, in .61 you dont need a server to dupe, it work since exprimentel without own server, like in some versions before. Go ahead and make it only possible to rent a 60+ Server, so its to expensive to use them only for base building, duping or loot farms, because they are already to expensive for my opinion. Give Admins the right to Ban Cheaters, many players left the game not because of the slow develoment, they left because of cheaters, wating for next patch, play until cheaters arrive, and left again (like me and many others i know). Without the possibility for Admins to fight Cheaters, and witout Strong Admin tools Bohemia only supports the Cheater industry, and destroys dayz. We have a 6000+ gamer in hour team, he by the way play only public, he takes his free time to run true the map, loots, and hopes to NOT find other players, its fun for him to play on low player servers.