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  1. Will be added a secret military \ secret laboratory \ underground laboratory from where the virus escaped ?
  2. In the next update we will get some new animations as well a new player controller . So i was thinking about a animation that would help the gameplay . - Grab player corpse . Lets say you have a 3 man squad and you are ambushed by some dudes and one of your friends get shot and he is unconscious (also he got shot because he was expose) and you need to save him but without risking your own life and i was thinking about a animation that can allow you to grab a player corpse and put him behind cover and giving him the first aid . The grab animations can be in many different ways those are just two that i have for now : - grabing the corpse with one hand and with the other hand to aim your gun ( for doing some covering fire just to scare the shooters. while doing this you can`t aim down the sight, all you can do is just hip fire and just with full auto weapons, is nearly impossible to reload a sniper rifle with just one hand ) - or putting the corpse on the shoulders ( this way could me faster than the other one because you are focusing just on running with your friend to a safe place and not focusing on two different parts, getting him in some place safe and also shooting at the shooters ) DayZ character should take the corpse with the left hand while in the right hand can be anything from a gun, pistol to a first aid kit or a water bottle. Another things that i would like to see in DayZ are : - pistol hostler on the leg. - machete hostler on the back, horizontally just above the butt. - walkie talkie hostler on the shoulder. - a new interface. - option in game when using VIOP like - whisper, yell and normal speak. - radio chatter while using walkie talkie.( like in arma 3 ) - and of course ... some performance optimization i beg you .
  3. our kids will enjoy that day.
  4. is that a sarcastic answer?
  5. Is there gonna be added a option to let the player choose his favourite crosshair ? Because in my opinion the old one (dot) was better than this one .
  6. 0.62? any fix release date?