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  1. What you think that Devs are doing?

    Its funny I always think the same thing, I follow 2 early access games closely, and Dayz I pretty much have no clues to what they do, their Blogs ain't clear tbh, and I wish they went the route like Star Citizen with the weekly around the verse updates
  2. DayZ FB hate

    Yeah would be nice if the Devs actually answered some of these types of questions, :( Dayz is dead in a sense, its never going to be what alot of people thought it would be, I do indeed follow their twitters and FB, my problem is there is alot of questions being asked on there, which they NEVER reply too, and this is where alot of the hate probably comes from. lack of social networking communication (Please dont answer that with join the forums and ask)
  3. DayZ FB hate

    As the title says, I always notice the same hate on their Facebook page, but I have always wondered whilst most comments are centered around DayZ being dead ect ect (has some truth) Do the Devs actually wish they did things differently with the way they handled making the game ? :Released it to EA to early :Left way to long between updates :Concentrated on other things :Hired a bigger team so they didnt fall so far behind :Never released that internal road map to the public Always been curious to these
  4. Basebuilding....why?

    Most important thing base building brings, is a reason to keep playing the game, a place for you to store your loot and vehicles, Dayz was at its highest when Epoch released, but yes Its also a reason I am waiting to play DayZ, and why Beta can not come fast enough, as it means modders will be able to add this in (I dont trust SA Devs to implement it correctly) What I dont want is some of these stupid Exile base sky towers, And orogin type of base mod, with the abilty to build walls and gates surrounding your base, would be best
  5. Arma 3 Mod, closest to DayZ-SA

    Yeah played quite alot of exiles, just hard to find decent servers, which are not to OP with weapons, and good mods Love Epoch, just it still needs a little more work doing on it, and last I checked most servers on Epoch were only on Atlis, with a few low pop servers on Cherno :( Not really into the whole RP thing, but thanks Espa, Man I just wish DayZ-SA opened up to mod support, so we could have some content, I am amazed how well the games has come along, in terms of "running" (No pun intended) I just want something to actually play for on there :( you guys think we will see mod support before Arma 4 releases ?
  6. Arma 3 Mod, closest to DayZ-SA

    Hey guys wondering which Mod on Arma 3 is closest to DayZ-SA ?? Yes I have tried Day z over the last couple of days, whilst it looks visual stunning, and runs amazingly well (compared to release) it still has what seems the same bugs since launch (Zeds hitting/clipping through walls) (the piss poor melee swings) (and countless other ones I keep coming across, but the game is just completely unplayable in its current state But I keep having the itch to play a DayZ type game, and just dont get on with Arma2 anymore, so looking for similar mods for Arma3

    Dafuq ? why are you working on those currently ? all your time and effort should be bringing the PC version 3 years upto date....
  8. BETA in 8 months or less.

    Oooo I have only put 40 hours in since EA release, I am not about to waste time playing, just I see the average players crashing constantly, and really base building is what will bring people back, just dying to start playing the game <3
  9. BETA in 8 months or less.

    hey just wanted to know, does anyone know any more on when DayZ will enter beta ? Really hoping soon ,I jump on every so often over the nearly 4 years of EA, and have to say the game lately looks and runs perfectly, just still the game lacks one major, and thats things to actually keep you there, and doing things :( Hoping with the release of Beta soon, that will open up the doors for modders, to add content, like base building, so it gives us a reason to keep playing, rather than the current loot, kill repeat :(