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  1. Where do i find .308 rounds!?!

    Just thought i'd add some of my recent experiences finding .308's . So i have not found a single spawned .308 round for over week now i have been living off of looting other snipers , last week i found 50 . But today i found a full pack in a green house ,the one you have to go up the steps to get into . Last week i found a pack in one too . So not sure if they are spawning in those green houses a little more . I have also , only ever found those rounds in the north and west . You have to be very conservative with the Winnie . Its a nice rifle but those rounds are like rocking horse sh*t. I almost dropped the Winnie for the CR527 i got so frustrated with the lack of rounds . I tend to only use it long range and keep an MP5-K in my pack for firefights. You will eat up those Winnie shots in no time otherwise and they are much more useful being used at distance . 1 pack should last awhile