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  1. The problem here is that the animations don't telegraph very well when and where a zombie is going to hit. What ends up happening is they sort of nudge you and bam, you get double slapped and you're bleeding like you've got leukemia. I think the devs need to work on some real winding up of animations, not to make it easier, but just to make it fairer, because we've all been sucker punched by a zombie that looked like it was doing something else, but really pummelled you into the ground.
  2. I've had a strange experience with the infected over the past couple of days. Usually if I'm quick enough I can run up to them and hit them over the head before they react, I think I probably get about six feet away before they freeze to calculate, and then get aggro'd (you can almost see the gears turning in their heads). But more recently I've started aggroing zombies through walls, and they've been charging me from much greater distances, thing is, there hasn't been a patch in between these behaviours. I don't know if a server can alter zombie behaviour or not, but particularly the last two days on the server I play on, they've gotten a lot more sensitive or smarter.
  3. (deleted)

    Too right, I spawned in the hamlet just west of Elektro yesterday and in the first ten buildings I explored I found a P1 pistol, two Makarovs, two IZH-43's. two IZH-18's, three Trumpets and two Sporters, amongst a lot of food. Low quality gear sure, but still fantastically common. Yet on other days you'll spawn and struggle to find even anything other than a burlap sack after an hour of game-play. There's no middle ground it seems.
  4. Why can't I tear rags with an axe?

    I did, I tried with and without
  5. taming leathers

    Those rowdy leathers, almost untameable
  6. I'm not sure if my voice is working, I've had to kill 3 people today who didn't seem to hear me trying to speak to them and opened fire, all I got back was stony silence. I'm not sure if they were just dicks and trying to shoot on sight (poorly), or if my mic isn't working. I've tested it in other applications and it's fine, but I can't seem to find an option in DayZ to even increase the transmit volume. A couple of days ago it seemed to be working, though the people were telling me it was very muffled, I'm wondering if it has now clapped out altogether.
  7. Which map is correct?

    Cheers mate, tv and izurvive are exactly the same so I'm assuming db is just out of date
  8. Why can't I tear rags with an axe?

    That has solved the problem, I just found it strange that where I always used to right click to tear, that in this very desperate situation that it didn't happen. It seems to work some of the time, possibly a bug? God knows this game has enough of them.
  9. Which map is correct?

    I've been looking for vehicles for a long time and not been having much luck, I'd been using the DayZdb map here: http://dayzdb.com/map/chernarusplus#6.092.060 But when I checked the DayZtv map here http://www.dayztv.com/standalone/dayz-chernarus-plus-map/ all the locations are different. The tv map specifies it's for 0.61 but surely db wouldn't run an out of date map?
  10. Why can't I tear rags with an axe?

    I didn't have it on my back, like I said I had it in my inventory and tried right clicking on it with axe in hand and without, but no option displayed
  11. Why can't I tear rags with an axe?

    Really? No such option presented itself to me, I was trying with a pristine splitting axe. I've always right-clicked the clothing and chosen the tear into rags option, I tried it with the axe on my back and the axe in my hands but there was nothing to click. However if I do the same with a machete they option is right there. I was trying to tear a regular old pristine t-shirt, the one you start with.
  12. It's all in the title really, I don't know why an axe isn't treated as a sharp object, or a pickaxe for that matter, or a crowbar, or an ice axe, the list goes on. You used to be able to tear rags with your hands, like you can in actual life, so why can't you anymore? I just bled to death because I inexplicably could not tear up a t-shirt with an axe to bandage myself.