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  1. Hello, a couple of weeks ago we did a 'pre-outbreak' server event. This video has been made today and shows the event from the civilians point of view. Its nice to see people trusting others to defend them in DayZ!
  2. Evac Server Event

    On Saturday 8th April we held a 'start of the outbreak' evacuation server event. Our members got to pick the role of either NATO, Russian Rebel or a civilian. All we gave them was a start point and the end point where the evac was due to take place, what happened in between the start and finish was entirely left to them; if they reached the end at all.
  3. Thanks Espa :) If you've not seen it we have a huge 'start of the outbreak' event on 8th. Doing another start of the outbreak one to help the community shape the lore how they want it to go.
  4. Awesome things DayZ has to offer

    We've made a video showing some of the awesome things DayZ has to offer such as the clothing and how you can make your character whatever you want it to be, cars, heros, bandits and more. There's loads more we could have added but this is what we came up with. Enjoy :) P.S Thank you for giving us the cars back and sneakers
  5. Greetings survivors! Do you want to play DayZ in a friendly whitelisted community? Do you want to feel the true fear that you would experience in an apocalypse? Yes?....Well then Aftermath DayZRP is the server for you! Aftermath DayZRP opened in February 2016, it’s main aim is to provide a whitelisted roleplay community which offers a high quality, hardcore roleplay to its members. Not just the ‘normal’ kind of roleplay through! Ever spent days making a ghillie suit on a roleplay server or finally found an awesome weapon to defend yourself with but then discovered you have no need for it? Well now you do because our server offers PvP Zones which is where survivors will feel the true fear of fellow survivors, experience the fear of killing that one zombie that is lurking nearby in case a survivor sees them whilst being in a roleplay environment. Our server also offers a safezone with a twist, just like the survivors who will not harm anyone fear the PvP Zones the bandits will need to fear the safezone because if they venture there and are seen by someone they have been hostile to the safezone will not protect them. * Private whitelisted server * 1PP server * High quality roleplay * Server events with awesome prizes * Active & friendly community * EU & US player base * EU & US experienced staff team * No KoS * Support for new streamers * Hacker free environment * Roleplay & PvP server all in one * Safezone Want to stream? Go for it! Aftermath can provide you with an awesome overlay and some wicked artwork for your twitch buttons! Not only that, if you let a member of staff know when you are going live we will put it on facebook, twitter, host you on our official Aftermath twitch channel and put your channel on our homepage! Every two weeks Aftermath hold server events for our members. Aftermath offers both roleplay and PvP events, some of which contribute to the server lore, some are purely out of character and there for the members to have fun, meet new people and win an awesome prize! Joining is simple! All you have to do is the following: * Go to our website and create an account * Read our server rules and server lore * Complete the whitelist application at the top of the page to complete the quick and simple application. Whitelisting takes between 30 minutes and 24 hours dependant on the time of day. Once your application has been approved you will be instantly whitelisted and able to play on the server straight away! More information on the application process can be found HERE Check out the following: * Aftermath DayZRP Website * Aftermath Youtube Channel * Aftermath Facebook Group * Aftermath Steam Group * Aftermath Twitter Page