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  1. So if the bug has been fixed by the end of the weekend, will you push it to exp on Monday?
  2. Big whoop! if it's too annoying for them, they can go back to stable.
  3. And in addition, it's still a really dumb move to tell us that they *were* going to push it to exp today, but decided not to. It's like they're fucking teasing us. And trust me, you do not want to tease the DayZ community.
  4. I never complain about the performance of exp builds. I'd rather play a patch with some annoying door bug, than not play it at all.
  5. Why the fuck would you tell us this? Now everyone (including me) is pissed off that you didn't push it to exp. We wanna fuckin play it.
  6. Will we ever see the North East Airfield return to it's former glory, but in a new, more balanced fashion, and not the sniper heaven it was previously known for?
  7. How is the progress with the zombies pushing players into geometry bug?