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  1. Complaining but not listening to the Devs. Vehicles are on stable, because no one was testing them on exp. Cry about vehicles to put them back on exp, don't test it there and after 2 weeks cry again for vehicles to be put on stable. The devs said, that they put them on stable to recieve more input and data from the community. If you hate the game so much in its current state, wait for beta.
  2. TBH I thought this was just an issue from the game. Never thought it would be my video settings or anything. For me, even just moving the camera changes the textures of trees 100m+ away, which results in a little flickering effect. If I look through binos or a scope more than 400m away this happens for the slightest movement. Sometimes it's even a light gradient on the wall of houses etc. Maybe I will get some screens when I get home, but as I said, I thought this was a normal problem with the rendering engine. The texture swap happens like every single meter you walk or as mentioned even by just moving the camera from left to right.
  3. I got this bug before but could not reproduce it. Today it happened to me again. Version: Stable 0.61.138043 What happened? Ran into the 2 tents, east from Gorka. Ran through the last tent and on the street it happened. Game froze, after 10 seconds, the image moves 1 fps and the sound is there for 1 second. Then again 3 seconds nothing. After that it repeats like before. The image shows the state before closing the game via the taskmanager - nothing special I can only close the game via the task-manager because the menu is also just with 1 fps available. I closed the game and restarted it. (everything in x64 client). Menu was fine with ~90fps. Joined the same server (private, nearly full). Waited for spawn about 10 seconds. Then "please wait" for 30 seconds, and boom, again 1fps. The image shows the state after joining the game, its like the first frame of the game I saw (for nearly 10 seconds) Same procedure - taskmanager - killed the game - opened again - this time 32bit client. Rejoined the same server and everything worked fine. Full fps again. Hardware specs: Intel core i5-6500 Geforce GTX 1060 3GB 16 GB ddr4 ram Windows 10 Additional Info: When closing the game via the taskmanager i got 35% CPU and 45% RAM workload. This time I created a Bug in the Bugtracker :), i hope those information help to find the problem
  4. It is really rare to find a car after a few days. I finally managed to find one on a nearly full private hive. I tried vehicles on EXP very often and liked them a lot. But on stable now they are not playable. Dunno why but i got vehicles 2 times (bus, truck), Both times a lot of rubber desync. Couldnt even drive like 10 meters. That is little bit frustrating. But I hope that the devs get a lot more data and can fix most of the problems :)
  5. My friend got some gamebreaking issues since the last patch. I got the same issue today with this patch. Basically we got 1 fps, with sound shattering as well. 1 Frame and a piece of sound (like walking a step) - freeze and silence for half a second - sound + 1 frame again and so on. This happend near the south airfield for me and for my friend in tisy. Relog, Restart of pc and even new installing of the game didnt help. The server were different each time, private, public, low population even high population. It didnt matter, I logged in, 1fps. I dont know if the vehicles are the problem but each time that occured, i saw either a bus or a trick nearby. But it did not occure immediately. I was running away in mid field. System: Nvidia GeForce GTC 1060 - latest drivers Intelcore i5 6500 16 GB DDR4 MSI H170A PC Mate Game on SSD Win 10 Tried 64bit and 32bit client
  6. Just drove with a V3S from the SW military base to the NW Airfield. Started with ~90fps. Everything in third-person. First Citys were no problem around Dichina/Vybor the Frames dropped to 30-40, most of the time when i looked behind me. On the airfield it went down to 15. Saw another bus driving around on the Airfield too, but just the outer-model and not every detail or persons inside (couldn't get closer than 40-50 meters). Sometimes I checked the first person view and I got like 80 fps still, but only if I looked to the front. On the side or back it also went down to 15. After a while i got out of the truck and ran a bit around, fired some shots etc. Steam-FPS told me i got 80-90 fps (in Lopatino), but I got every 2-3 seconds a 0.5seconds freeze. Everything tested on the x64 Client (no crash! :) )
  7. Just spawned after a fight in Tisy near Three Valleys at night time. I went west to reach Msta from the south. To test the lightning a little bit, I lightened my road flare and ran all the way with it. After 2-3 minutes the client just froze. Could only quit it via the task manager. Joined again, road flare still in my hand but not lightened. So again, I lightened it, ran to Msta. South of Msta near the dear stand, i opened the door to the house, picked up a barrel (dropped my lightened road flare) and froze again.