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  1. DayZ PS4 Discussion

    Wow, thats a load of lies you have in your head. You can make yourself a great gaming pc for 800, you can buy a great monitor for 50, a mouse and key board for 25, 200 for a solid graphics card? are you looking for an 1070?, you can buy a great 1050 for 135, the cpu will be of course the most expensive part to 90 - 150, 100 for a hard drive? Are you looking for a 6T hard drive, you can buy one with 2T for 78 - 85, 50-100 in ram? you can buy two rams of 4 for 25, no one use cd/dvd/blu ray drive but you can buy one for 10 - 35, a power supply will cost you 700 w 47 - 74, 100 - 200 for a motherboard? you can buy a good one for 41, you will not pay for online service and also you can get games for a lower price. I pay for Doom 24 €. But also you can plug your pc to your tv. i almost forgot of something, windows its not cheap but windows 10 home edition is at 94 -99.