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  1. How many people here do legit real banditry?

    The problem of mindless killing with bandits is that not everyone speaks English. You won't be dealing with someone yelling "cyka" or "scheisse" -insert other swearings- and trying to make them put their hands up or hand over their weapons. So don't I.
  2. Hello everyone. (this text doesn't contain any reference to berries as they aren't present in 0.62 as of yet(?) and the topic aims at the future versions of DayZ) (berries are back on stable) Since last week I've been trying to play as a simple bushman - get a small tent, make a garden plot and try to become one with the forest. I decided to make a quick report on how were my impressions so far and address present issues with the system. Ever since I started playing like that I noticed many pros: - ability to avoid player contact by looting smaller towns and staying in the forest - once you establish food source you can survive for quite decent amount of time - having fun while gathering necessary tools However, here come significant cons: - time period Persistence serves doesn't help you - if you rely on wild animals as a food source, you're pretty much dead - there aren't many, even though you're probably the only person hunting - bow effective distance is a bit questionable - low quantity of animals around makes you strive for a bunch of bone arrows if you can't even find a single chicken sometimes Theoretically, this way of playing is very enjoyable, until it shows off in practice. Starting off with Persistence - this is the most disencouraging thing. It forces you to regularly check garden plots and campfires, deleting them all of the sudden on server crash/restart. As soon as you experience this several times you easily get pissed and abandon this playstyle, knowing that you have to sit near crops 24/7 so that you won't have them taken away by the game itself. Time lapse in DayZ is a very important thing which becomes a huge problem with horticulture going on. Player simply doesn't have that much time to keep an eye on it. Now, animals and the bow. Unless you are deep in forest you will probably survive by making use of chickens. Eventually, when you finally spot a deer you won't get close enough to kill it with a bow - leaving you with empty hands. That, of course, forces you to find a gun - but what if you're a spritual forest habitant in-game? Well, nothing. You can't really continue this way of playing efficiently. Time for summary. \o/ Overally, those mechanics are enjoyable but then listed issues heavily interrupt them. Possible solution for that Persistence problem would be tuning up the amount of time things can exist until they are wiped and making the "wipe timer" reset every time player makes interaction with those objects. A bit more animals quantity would also be nice to see in the future. I believe that eliminating irritating issues will be enough to make this playstyle used more widely. Off the balance, I may be mistaken and those mechanics were made only as a quick temporal solution for fresh spawns. Some dev could come in and clear things up. Cheers !
  3. Exp Update 0.62.139796

    Could you finally issue the problem of vehicles' parts not being fully rendered on longer distance? It's quite funny to see levitating car without doors nor any wheels, derping through the plains. Same goes to the tents - you see players inside way before the tent is rendered, which is, erm, weird. That thing bothers me since I bought the game.
  4. Killed by Hacker, share your experience.

    About 2 years ago one of them teleported me to him, took my Mosin, then teleported me back. That was rather weird experience.
  5. Can iGPU run it?

    It's already on 1280x800. I can't turn it up to 1600x900 as the performance loss isn't linear - this iGPU would have its ass kicked very hard on that high resolution.
  6. Can iGPU run it?

    Yo buds. As I was left with only poor Intel HD 530 integrated graphics because my main GPU is being repaired atm I felt curious about DayZ performance with it. And it turns out it's pretty playable until you approach big cities. \o/ Kinda unbelievable comparing to how it would have run before Enfusion. Running 30-50 fps with drops to 20-ish sometimes (minimum settings running on 1280x800 resolution). Now time to go back in-game and check NWAF... Cheers from hypothermic player ! Beware rain ! :"D
  7. Status Report - 30 May 2017

    Is this new female model on those gifs?
  8. Precise object placement

    Time for golden shovel award. Will this come along with 0.63?
  9. changes in playstyle for 0.62 exp

    Given that foliage is much more dynamic comparing to old one it's much harder to hide under certain circumstances. Player, barrels and tents aren't waving on the wind - they are static (player only counts there while camping). Thus your eyes will more likely catch the difference on the screen. Another thing is that you are more exposed as you can't hide inside of the pine trees anymore.
  10. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Ugh, too bad my GPU is under RMA atm. Wish I could test the changes now. :c